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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Connor, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. Connor

    Connor Member

    Well, Speak of the devil! :) up_santafe is the guy whom I barrowed the layout from! His layout was really nice and appealed to me.. Lots of mainline and switching action simplistic enough (or so I though) for a beginner, but enough of a challenge to be fun. I just hope I can figure everyting out..
  2. trainwhiz20

    trainwhiz20 Member

    Awesome Connor!

    My layout is a little past your stage, but all these "start-up" layouts in reasonable spaces have really been an influence.

    I too have admired up_santafe's layout, it has amazing detail.

    Please keep up the wonderful progress--and look out, I might just steal some ideas! :thumb:
  3. Connor

    Connor Member

    Okay, so, Here is my BIGGEST question at the moment. Plaster cloth or road bed first?? I'll be using WS road bed.. I've seen a thread on here about putting plaster clother under the road bed, or doing road bed first the plaster cloth.. which works best? Which is easist?
  4. knk

    knk New Member

    Hi Conner,

    I have been following your thread here for the past few days, because when I saw your layout it is almost the same as mine because I was also inspired by Up_Santafe's layout which works very good for me and my 6 year old son.

    My layout is 5ft x 10ft so that in the front I have a yard and staging and engine storage fueling coaling etc area and have had 4 engines running at one time with just one wire connection. I have run the trains alot to work out problems and also cut out foam core the size of all the buildings and etc and placed them in place. Our layout is based on the 20-40's era, and thus I like the older smaller 36-43ft reefers etc which is so better scaled for these size layouts. We also have the Walthers Santa fe passenger cars which are great but only run on the main line which only has 22inch rad. track. The Big Boy to my amazment will even run on the inside 15inch track. Hey Up_Santfe does yours do that to??

    My problem is that I have the bench work done and all the track layed out for testing but I cannot find the extruded foam at Lowes, Do it, Home Depot, Osh and some other places, so hopefully I can find a source this week or does anyone in the Southern California area have a source??.

    What is your WS incline set-4% ? Does the engines pull well up that grade? I have a WS 3% that I am going . I plan on using 3 inch foam on the base and carve out going down for valley's and water etc.

    I used #6 turnouts for all the main line and it is a big difference on the smooth transitions from track to track.

    Are you going to maintain the snap switches on top of the layout? They will not look so good in real life on top. I am going to use Tortoise under mount swithes but not every where only on the main and branch lines, I'll use a throttle slide for the others, I have a total of 31 switches so the sidings will be throttle..

    I am going to use WS roadbed installed and glued over the foam and pin the track in and run it and test to make sure it all works, THEN put the plaster cloth in and then solder the curves.

    Right now I have some problems with the Big Boy going slow over the #6 switches and it stops, it stops at the frog, so I probably need to solder a wire to them.

    I will be watching your progress. As soon as I find some foam I will post the start of my layout in this fabulous forum. I did not know a thing about this and searched and found all the information that I required. Also saw a great train convention in Long beach a few weeks ago that really made me change my thinking and planning of the layout.

  5. Connor

    Connor Member

    I'll be doing mine a little more modern I think.. I've been able to run 40' and 50' cars on the 15' radius along with a large tanker I have.. Looks tad funny, but work okay from what I can tell.

    Inclines: 4% grade, only 3 out of the 4 for each side, so 0-3" All my engines can handle the grade, my older Lionel has some slipping as I need to clean the trucks on it and maybe put some rubber-renew on the drive wheels.

    Snapswitches: Yes, they're ugly as hell, but, I can't afford tortoise switches right now, I will switch to tortoise at some point.. however, I just spent all my money on track, building materials and a Digitrax Super Empire builder complete with Powersupply and 2 decoders, also added in a AR1 reversing unit and 2 DS54's for turnout control! :) I'm using Atlas snap-track turnouts, I'm not sure exactly when/where to use custom line switches...

    I'll be using WS roadbed and the side that has the tunnel, the 22' radius section is going to be in a mountain as well.. So I'll have 2 tunnels on my layout.. This differs from UP_Santefe's layout.

    Home Depot didn't have the foam?? *boggle* Might have to order it (if your talking about the pink stuff) But my Home Depot had it in stock, in the insulation isle.

    I've got plans to add a 4x4 section to the lower right where the switch dead-ends. Not sure what I'm exactly going to do on that section just yet, but, I'll figure it out! :)

    Thanks, Connor
  6. Nick8564

    Nick8564 Member

    My question is where did you get that thick of a peace of foam from? I have been to Lowes many of time and can only find 1/2 inch stuff or littler. How much do you expect to pay for a sheet of foam, any size sheet?
  7. Connor

    Connor Member

    I got that sheet of foam from Home Depot, around $22.00 or so. I think they're 2" Thick.. I'me using two of them.. Probably overkill, but, I wanted to be able to dig into the top peace.
  8. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    I imagine there are many benefits to 2inch foam. On my N layout I used 1/2 inch foam with nothing but the L girder frame with a cross piece every 12 inches. It works fine for me. Once I have the fascia in place you would never know it is just the foam that serves as a base.

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