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    Hi gents.

    Quick question, on a 00 scalled model railway set what current does 1 train draw when on the track at full speed (12V)??

  2. huttojb

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    This is based on an average engine??? Just traying to work out what transistors I need? I will go and measure it but I just want a rough figure I can work to.

  3. 60103

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    Jason: the old figure was 1 amp per loco. This would be for the old Hornby Dublo and Tri-Ang with open frame motors. The newer ones can draw .5 amps or less.
    And add it together for more than one. (If you're working out transistors, you don't need that comment!) A magaine review should have the figures for a specific loco. (Cancel that last remark; I just looked at Railway Modeller and the only technical specs they give for 3 reviewed locos is wheels.)
  4. MasonJar

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    Actually, MR does give these figures for the reviewed locos. Their "average" that they compare the loco under review with is actually the average of the last several reviewed locos, not a true "industry wide" average.

    EDIT - This is a relatively new feature though - only available for the last few years.


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