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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by RobertInOntario, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. RobertInOntario

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    My son and I took a VIA train from Toronto to Woodstock today.

    Somewhere around Mississauga or Burlington [just west of Toronto], we saw a very interesting site just south of the train. There were two vintage diesels and 1-2 coaches -- all were painted in CN 1950s green/gold/black colours. :mrgreen: I think these were F7s or C-Liners. However,they had the name "Waterloo-St. Jacob's Railway" or something to that effect on their sides. I only saw them for a few seconds.

    It was a treat to suddenly and unexpectedly see two vintage diesels. :mrgreen: I was also curious about the "Waterloo-St. Jacob's" name as well. I realize that there was a heritage railway a few years ago that operated between Waterloo and St. Jacob's (that closed down) so these must be left over from that railway.

    Fortunately, the Waterloo Central Railway now operates a diesel and steam heritage railway on that line. It would be great if the WCR could acquire these or if the TRHA (Toronto Railway Historical Association, which is currently turning Toronto's John Street roundhouse into a Canadian railway museum) might be interested in these?

    Just wondering if any Canadians know the story behind these two diesels and what might become of them. It's a shame if they aren't being used or preserved somewhere.

    I also think I saw a GP-9 (which may have been a later GP). It was in current CN colours and was at the front of a stationary freight train. It was also great seeing several freight cars at various industries along the line.

    Thanks for any feedback.

  2. Packers#1

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    Cool, I love the look of those old cab units. And it sounds like the paint ain't too shabby either. Thanks for sharing.
  3. 60103

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    Rob: for several years the W-StJ ran between Waterloo and St Jacobs, with an occasional trip to Elmira. They ran with an F unit on each end. City of Waterloo built them a new station/tourist office to use. Some citizens in St Jacobs objected to the service.
    One cold winter night several years ago we were eating dinner with a railroady friend in a restaurant in downtown Waterloo when a bit of movement caught my eye -- the train was moving.
    The train was being towed out of Waterloo towards Kitchener and the mainline. My friend was shocked as he had been a volunteer on the train. After dinner (no dessert) we started off after it. We got one more glimpse of it and then lost it. My wife and I decided to go home while my friend went searching a bit more. Apparently they had to double one of the grades into Kitchener.
    The train sat at VIA's (or GO's) Mimico yards for years. Some of the coaches have been sold off, but I forget where. They also had a few cars that never ran in their service.
  4. RobertInOntario

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    Thanks, David. Interesting! I've heard from a reliable source that the West Coast Railway Association has acquired these units and are trying to raise the money to have them delivered.

    The Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society / Waterloo Central Railway seems to be doing well operating their diesel/steam railway.

    I've also learned that a new tourist railway is in the works called the Guelph Junction Express. It plans to run from Guelph to Campbellville. Sounds like it might be similar to the Credit Valley Explorer. Here's a website which explains how they plan to use locos and crews from the Ontario Southland Railway (

    Seems to be a lot happening, or in the works at least. And good progress continues to happen at the John Street Roundhouse (

  5. stuart_canada

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    some of those cars are parked in the ottawa central yard in Ottawa i saw them during the open house back in may
    along with old CPR rdc cars

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