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    This is a multi-part question with the first being the most important - what engine type is the CSX8064? This engine was spotted today in Fairfield/Suisun California as the train went by at track speed.

    Second, is there an official and/or reliable website source of engine types for both CSX and NS?

    Engines from these two railroads can be found plying the tracks of UP and BNSF here in California and since these are a rare spot I want to know where I can verify the engine types.
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    8064 is an EMD SD40-2, should be ex- Seaboard Coast Line.

    I can't think of any NS rosters, but the Bull Sheet has the best online CSX roster.
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    I'm not sure, but I think I saw the same CSX SD40-2 8064 in London, Ontario Canada yesterday. The reason I say I think is because the number I initally remembered was 8604. However, in looking at the Bull Sheet :rolleyes: I realized that 8604 is the number assigned to an SD50... This was clearly not an SD50, as there was a General Motors painted SD50 beside it. Given the profile I am positive it was an SD40-2... However, as always, I could be mistaken. It was also in a consist with two C44-9W's, one Canadian National, the other Union Pacific... rather varied roads for a single train...
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    I'm assuming you are referring to the blue and white EMD scheme, correct? At any rate, I don't believe any SD50s ever received that paint scheme as no demonstrator units were released and none were used in the EMD lease fleet. I'm guessing what you saw was an SD60 next to the SD40-2.

    That is not that varied at all. I guess you Can-eh-dian boys need to get "south of the border" :D to see some real railroading! :cool:
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    The more I watch this line, the more I end up seeing in terms of consists and such. As for the EMD, it was a blue and white scheme... so yes, most likely an SD60... It didn't have the wide cab, but the flank was similar to an SD70Mac...

    I also see Norfolk Southern and BNSF on this line as well... Not sure if the CN locos are simply "escorting" them through...

    I have to remind myself that the line that runs near my house is the fastest route between Detroit and Buffalo/Rochester, despite being "north" of the border.
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