CSS Macon/Water Witch hybrid

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    Back ground.
    Once again the research manuscript produced by John Wallis for his upcoming book has shed light on another ironclad I was unaware of. Although classifying Confederate vessels is somewhat impossible, this one can be said to fall into the Nashville "class" Like the CSS Columbus and the large vessel being built at White Hall, NC, this vessel would have used the engines of a paddle wheel steamer to provide power to two screws through some sort of conversion linkage. Although planned for screw power, it still falls into the Nashville class due to the engine type and overall size and style of construction. The ironclad was to be named the CSS Macon.

    The ship was began in Savanna and, although entirely different the the CSS Georgia, spies and Confederate deserters often confused the two in reports to the USN. The 250 foot long "Macon was designed for 12 guns and was to have 4 inches of armor. After long delays in construction, the gunboat gave up the name Macon to a wooden CSN boat, when it became apparent that the ironclad would not be ready anytime soon.

    Finally, after the failure of the linkage conversion to arrive, it was proposed that the entire mechanical set up from the captured Water witch sidewheeler be transferred to the ironclad, paddle wheels and all. This late conversion would have given the ship a somewhat Frankenstein-ish appearance and reduce its guns to 8, but at least it would have been mobile. In the end the vessel simply disappeared during the fall of Savanna, and John Wallis speculates that it is buried under that cities shoreline.

    For my model kit I will offer the ship "As Planned" with no paddle boxes, a probable conversion with armored wheel houses/paddle boxes, and as a last ditch (though never done) convertion with the actual paddle boxes and mid section of the Water Witch, cut apart and rebuilt amid ship on the wider ironclad.

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    I love your models! Your civil war subjects (sort of like a Confederate '56 kinda deal here sign1) are pretty damn awesome and are right up my alley in terms of things that have barely (or never) been modeled. Keep 'em coming!

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    CT, I think, singlehandedly, you are educating a new generation of people,of all ages, with your models!
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    Thank y'all for your kind comments. Here is a few pictures of a finished model thanks to my friend Shawn Dymond. I have sent the kit off to www.ecardmodels.com and it will be available soon!

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