Crotch Rocket

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  1. PaperAir

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    very nice job.One of the nicest ones I,ve seen .
  2. I had planned to use one of my daughters barbie dolls in a bikinni and do a biker mag layout but alas they have since been discarded.

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  3. arkon

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    WOW!!!!! there needs to be a bow down to emoticon for this one!!!!:thumb::thumb::thumb:
  4. Zathros

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    :inw::inw::inw::inw::inw::inw::inw:Ex-O-Lent!!! You'll have trouble keeping people from wanting to pick it up. Wonderful!!:inw::inw::inw::inw::inw::inw::inw:
  5. Dented Rick

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  6. blueyeppoon

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    Look out American Chopper you got competition comin'

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