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    Been procrastinating on completing a river for some time. I used multiple layers of gloss latex polycrylic that I lightly tint. Coming out great, I am satisfied but I am holding off doing the last several coats until I complete all the items that will set in the water. (Boats, piers, docks and logs in a sorting pond) I am hoping that the adhesion of the finish will hold the items. This method I hope I will avoid any unsightly adhesive mishaps. Any comments would be appreciated.
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    Hi Bill and welcome to the gauge, I note you are using "gloss latex polycrylic " for your lake/pond etc, I use High Gloss Yacht Varnish for all my lakes, but I should expect your gloss latex polycrylic to be on the same lines. What you have done already is okay, when seating the boats in place, don't glue them in just let the new coat of gloss latex polycrylic do the job. Be careful, because when things are added to a varnish bottom and another layer is added, it tends to crack around the article and flake at a later date. Just use a very very thin coat and let it dry for at least a week before another coat is added.

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