Crew escapes injury in locomotive plunge

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    LYTTON, B.C. – A CN Rail engine crew has been rescued from British Columbia's Fraser Canyon after a locomotive plunged down a steep embankment.

    A rock slide is blamed after two locomotives and a lumber car jumped the tracks early today near Lytton.

    CN spokesman Jim Feeney says one of the engines slid down a 75-metre slope with both the engineer and conductor on board.

    The two were stuck on the embankment until they were pulled out by ropes after daylight because it was "too steep to climb up."

    CN supervisors gave the pair blankets, hot food and drinks while they waited for rescue.

    Feeney says the crew members were uninjured except for some scratches and bruises, and the locomotives don't appear to be leaking any fuel.


    I'm glad everyone is alright!!

  2. RonP

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    wow i bet that was a nail biter
  3. 65GASSER

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    I bet that was quite a ride!
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    I saw the footage on the news. The Operators walked away with minor injuries and were resting comfortably at home. There were two locomotives at the front. I think the locos consisted of a C44-9W (I think) in the lead and an SD-MAC (don't know which number). The Mac was still on top of the tracks although the derailled. The C44 was at the bottom of the slope on its left side. Glad to hear that the guys walked away just fine.
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    well that must have been a fun little tumble

    good to hear the crew are ok

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