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  1. interurban

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    Cp 2211 Location??? Old Steamer

    A family friend sent me this picture today.
    Her Grandady worked the CP.
    Hoping to obtain more info on the picture.
    Is`nt it GREAT:)
    Info:- Toronto yards. Unknow Station Background.
    Can anyone recognize the building in the background?

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  2. Clerk

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    Real nice Chris. I remember back in the 40's when I used to walk the railroad tracks to town and just hoped and prayed that the old steam local would come to town to do some switching. The track ran straight from my part of the residentual area to town and was a great shortcut. If I remember right, it looked just like that picturel.
  3. spitfire

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    Wow, what an amazing shot. That's a real find Chris!

    :D Val

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