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    Much more reliable, they are more powerful and can be juiced up a notch if necessary. They are only on when you need them so accidental uncoupling is almost unknown. I will rummage thru my old MRs, there is a great article on home-made ones that came out in the mid 70s that look and work great and involve a minimum of track reconfiguring.
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    Hey Thanks!
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    One more coupler related post here. The Broadway Limited locomotive I purchased this week came with a factory installed McHenry coupler on the tender. I should have tweaked the uncoupling pin a little higher I suppose, but it seemed to be clearing things and working fine. That is, until I hit a uncoupling magnet that was just a hair high. The 2-6-6-4 is a really powerful engine, and it bent that coupler right under the tender.The coupler
    wasn't taking to being bent back.
    I guess that's why Broadway Limited thoughtfully included a Kadee coupler with the engine. They must want to keep everybody happy. ;)

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