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  1. jdoc

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    Found the Gauge looking for an answer. I'm a once a year RRer( Christmastime) and it's coming fast. I need it running for Grandchildren. My setup is a 4x8 plywood around the tree and thru my wifes Dept 56 villages. I bought a PA RR Mantua set 25 yrs ago and bought a better engine Stewart Hobbies(Kato?? on inside) I've had trouble with the couplers and decided to replace all with the universal Kadee.Just found out that the engine requires a Kadee#35 short 1/4in overset which I ordered and about 5 Kadee#5 Universal couplers assebled. My question is on the cars , do I just attach them to the metal extending from the truck by the right size screw or should I look at replacing the trucks.
  2. Ray Marinaccio

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    Welcome to The Gauge jdoc.
    KD recommends a #9 coupler for truck mounted Mantua and Tyco with the metal trucks.
    I have never used these, I usually body mount the #5 coupler and cut the coupler mount off the truck or replace the truck.
    This is a bit of work, I would imagine the #9s would be easier.
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    Welcome! Ah yes, preparing for the little ones!

    Are the current trucks press riveted on? Might want to check the kadee website. # 9 are similiar to 5's.

    Seems 9' don't include the mounting screw. So many to choose from these days.... good luck!

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    Welcome to The Gauge, jdoc :wave:

    If they are screw mounted, they should mount just fine. I'd even clip the trip pins since you're not going to be using them for prototype operations. They'll be less likely to snag on anything.
  5. jdoc

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    Thanks to all . I got the number Kadee No. 9's and so far two cars working . I also found some new ( old) Mantua Pa RR cars. They are a liitle more expensive than the one I bought 30 years ago
  6. philip

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    J doc,

    Glad your up and running :thumb:

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