Couple of problem solvers for beginners

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by weft1630, Oct 28, 2010.

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    For my 1st paper rocket model I selected the Viking 10 from Niels Paper Models site. Small in 1:96 scale, I resized it to 1:144 (the scale of my 4 lighthouse models).

    Problem 1. I couldn't roll a decent tube. So I took a wood dowel and wrapped it in 20# paper to the required diameter. Then to stiffen the thick walled tube even more I added a fewer drops of thin CA glue. Hardened, it was safe to manhandle, easy to cut to length and sand the ends square with a True Sander.

    Problem 2. I couldn't wrap & glue the rocket body skin without marring it. Obviously this problem a lack of skill, but I wanted to complete this simple project, not put it aside until I developed the necessary technique sometime in the indefinite future. I covered the paper skinning with Scotch Magic Mending Tape, tapping the skin to the tube without glue. The tape is thin, rubs down clear, gives the tube a hard, slight satin sheen. In 1:144 scale you have to squint real hard to see the tape seams.

    My Viking 10 is no prize winner, but it is actually built! Hopefully I eventually acquire the skills necessary to build without these crutches.

    Thanks to Niels Paper Models for the free kit. Right now I'm reading a biography about Goddard, and will be building at least one, if not both, of the Goddard kits offered on Niels paper Models site.

    Cheers, Morris.
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    ..... just stopped in ....nice place you got here..
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    Yeah. I second that and thanks for the tip.

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