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    I recently began watching Corner Gas on WGN at midnite Eastern time in the US and noticed that the outdoor scenes has a wooden grain elevator with the show's town name on it. However the thing that got my attention was the number of episodes that had shots of a train sitting at the grain elevator.
    I was wondering if there was anyone else on the TB who is a Corner Gas fan?
    I believe it is a CN train. I could be wrong the I have not seen the locomotives in any shot. Although the cylinder hoppers with CANADA written on them are easy to spot.
  2. TinGoat

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    Dog River Rail Service

    Hi Jai,

    Corner Gas' ficticious Dog River Saskatchewan is actually the town of Rouleau.

    I Googled "Rouleau Saskatchewan Rail Service" and found this page:

    Canadian Pacific pick up drag at Rouleau, Saskatchewan

    So, it looks like Dog River is served by the Beaver, not the Noodle.

    Google Map of Rouleau: With picture of Dog River Elevator.

    Many of the Grain Hoppers are actually owned by the Gov't of Canada as well as the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool. CN and CP both own hoppers as well that have "CANADA" on them.
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    I watch Corner Gas from time to time. Not many of those "prairie giants" left these days. I am not sure if the name was actually painted on, or digitally added after the fact.

    The real town is Rouleau, SK, and appears to be served by Canadian Pacific Rwy.

    EDIT - Looks like TinGoat beat me to it...!

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    There are a number of owners of the ubiquitous Canadian grain car - the Government of Canada, the Government of Alberta, the Government of Saskatchewan, Canadian Pacific Railway and Canadian National Railway.

    The cars owned by the Government of Canada have two types of reporting marks - CPWX and CNWX. The "X" indicates that it is a private car not owned by the railways (the Government of Canada in this case). And the CP and CN indicates that it is run on CP and CN lines respectively.

    The cars owned by CN and CP are clearly painted in their own colour schemes. Not likely that any car with the "Canada" wordmark is owned by CN or CP.

    Bob M.
  5. Triplex

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    I've seen some of the "Canada" cars patched from CPWX to CP.
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    Hello Triplex. Maybe you've seen some of the grain cars that have been refurbished by CP. For a while, the Government of Canada wanted to unload the cars. There was a large movement by the grain farmers to obtain the fleet for a dollar. However, the fleet needed major repairs so the Government wanted to know what the farmers were going to do to repair the fleet. The Government didn't like their plans.

    So, because of the reaction of the farmers to the Government getting rid of the fleet, a deal was struck with CN and CP. For about $20 million (don't quote me on the amount), CP agreed to repair the fleet. I don't know if any agreements were reached with CN. And the Government agreed to retain ownership of the fleet.

    Concurrently, the Government of Saskatchewan announced a major repair program of their fleet, including a new bright green paint scheme.

    This is all off the top of my head so if anyone has the exact details, jump right in! Grain trains are a major business for CP and CN.
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    it is agreat show the train shots just add to it
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    I have seen shots in the show before of a train actually passing, and it is a CP line.

    As mentioned before the red "Canada" hoppers can be seen on both CN and CP, since there are some assigned to each road. Of course you will very rarely ever see "CPWX" cars on CN or "CNWX" cars on CN.

    Triplex mentioned a lot of cars patched for CP; I have seen just as many CNWX cars with the "WX" painted over as CPWX cars with the "WX" removed. Cars in both series are changing to CP or CN marks respectively. I don't know if this means the government has been selling the cars, or what the agreement is.

    I've also seen some remarked for DWC over the last few years, but there's some talk that these were ex-CPWX cars that the government sold to Carlton Trail Ry (CTRW) in the 1990s that CN later bought from CTRW.

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