Corellian Consular Cruiser "Radiant VII"

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    Ok then.... here I got the pieces that will make one of the engines. Put them together was a little bit tricky because they dont fit perfectly and needs a lot of careful edition.

    A piece of advice here, study each piece before glue them. Well here is where i foud that is better to cut the interior first anda bend the tabs, an then cut out the rest of the piece from the papersheet. This way its easyer and it wont tear apart.

    Here is the piece ready with the edges painted so it blend when its attached to the other piece.

    This is main piece for the engine. This one will lead the way for the assembly with the rest of the pieces. They only need to be attached carefully and in the right secuence.

    When the engines are ready its time to work in the pieces that attach this ones to the tail of the ship. Measure an cut a slot in the tip of these gray pieces so they can "bite" the flat tail section. Study the location and distance from each other before add glue.
    First attach the gray pieces to the tail section and then, when the glue its dry and the pieces are well fixed, attach the engines. Always keep in mind the distance of the engines from each other.

    Now that the engines are placed, its time to lock them together. The parts that are used for that purpose needs a small modification, that is a cut at an angle on both sides so they can make good contact on the curved surface of the engine.

    These ones are the pieces from the top. Then the bottom ones.

    After that, I finish with the towers of the antennas. It's a shame that not all the antennas from the original model are in the templates but still, it looks good. Improvise some for a better look.

    And thats all folks.... you can see the final results at the beginning of the thread. Its a lot of work... but its a nice ship also.

    Thank you all for your comments... Hope this can be useful to somebody sometime.
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    Good work, man!
  3. F131

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    Thank you for showing your build progress. Great job!

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