cool models from Evangelion, Gundam and other

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by aleks, Oct 18, 2012.

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    The last model is a 4Shared Link, at first, it stated the file did not exist, then I tried again, and I was able to Download it? The 3rd model (Kuratas)I also was able to Download, but Norton came up with a MALICIOUS DOMAIN REQUEST 2. I was able to Download the model from Mediafire with no problem, but be very careful as you could get hosed really bad if you do not have the proper protection.

    See attachments, I tried it 3 times and got the same notice. I was able to download the fire from MediaFire though. There might be a redirect there? Be very careful. I gave out a similar warning last week and someone's computer lost their hard drive.

    I would recommend not downloading the Kuratas model unless you have very good Anti-Virus, and Internet Security software!

    I was able to get all 4 models though.

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    sorry, I'm a Linux user, so I got no antivirus/malware detection alerts...
    I've downloaded the first three model without any problem... Zathros, if you think it's safer, you can delete the post.
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    The models are safe to download if you have antivirus/Internet Security software. The Mediafire link is fine, I think there is an attempted redirect on that on link. I have downloaded all the models. I would hate to not let people know of these models. I envy your Linux ability. I am tempted to go that route but the software I used, which cost more than most computers, will not run on Linux. The first language I spoke was APL, then BASIC, then some proprietary machine codes, then gave up! :)

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