Conversion of JSC-HMS Lion 1:250 to 1:400 possible?

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by carlolomjo, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. carlolomjo

    carlolomjo New Member

    Hey just want to ask the experts if I may be able to convert my JSC261-HMS Lion kit from 1:250 to 1:400 by scanning and resizing the images then printing it? Will it be possible to build the kit if it were shrunk to nearly 50% in size for that scale?

  2. eibwarrior

    eibwarrior Member

    The answer is most definitely.

    I did the opposite on my 1/100 Arizona that is dispayed in this forum. It was designed to 1/250 so I increased the print out to 250% zoom. Everything fit like a glove, and the print clarity was surprisingly good at the upscale.

    I can only imagine going down will be easier, but you might lose some clarity of printed details...

    Just my two cents.

    BTW, you'll want to use a 62.5% zoom reduction to get that 1/400 scale precise.
  3. carlolomjo

    carlolomjo New Member

    Thanks. I'm just a little worried coz I'm not really an experienced modeler and I might have trouble assembling a kit shrunk to 62.5% and I'm a little fuzzt on this JSC hull design coz I'm used to their egg box method.
  4. Longshaor

    Longshaor Member

    One piece of advice, don't use the reduction feature on a photocopier. Something involving the prisms in copiers causes the image to be distorted in one axis or the other. Hope this helps!
  5. carlolomjo

    carlolomjo New Member

    Thanks. What I did was I scanned all the pages of the parts and used Adobe Photoshop to resize the image using the 1:400 Prinz Eugen(which is just 3 ft. shorter than Lion) for reference and printed it. Some parts really look small but I think I can manage with enough patience.

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