ConCor SPFE 50' ribbed reefer

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    I have a ConCor 50' ribbed reefer in SPFE colors, with a running number of 676898. I can't find a record anywhere of this as a genuine number. The SP number 676898 is a different animal altogether (but I assume SPFE had separate running numbers from SP, or...?)
    Can anyone tell me if this is a genuine number (and if so, what is the range involved). If not, is this even a genuine model (i.e. was there a 50' ribbed SPFE reefer)? If it is genuine, and the number isn't, what number range should they have.

    Many thanks for any help with this!:wave:
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    Certainly not all of them, though 450000-series numbers do seem most common in photographs. They had 200000-series and 300000-series numbers on some classes, among others.

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