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Discussion in 'Free Models' started by John D., May 15, 2010.

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    Thanks John! Nobi has great stuff! :) new stuff on the near horizon too :)
  3. clevermod01

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    free models

    My company Clever models posts freebies on a regular basis. It's all railroad and structure based but we do sometimes offer very elaborate models. Right now there are just some sheetmetal signs as i introduce a new product but we hav also offered depot's and such.
    Take a look
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    these are nice sites. thanks.
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    thanks for this link.
  6. Bubba Ho-Tep

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    Thanks for the link
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    An excellent resource, thanks for posting.
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    great site thanks for the info
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    Nice resource. Thank you
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    thanks for this sharing

    nice resource
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    Thanks to both of you for posting. My bookmark file is really getting big!
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    My bookmark is going to need it's own computer pretty soon, and a program to manage it more efficiently! :)
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