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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by papasmurf37, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. papasmurf37

    papasmurf37 Member

    Am an older member; absent for quite a while [ mrr'ing on back-burner due to health problems and then later, joined other forums ]. Really do LIKE the revised Forum format and appearence! Now, somewhat sadly, have spare room to finally put up HO a-t-r home branchline layout [because an older son joined U S Army and another's pondering switch from ARNG to the same. GOD BLESS THEM BOTH for wishing to defend their Country! ]. But this is really stressful, coming into our lives now, as wife and I are both retired seniors. Hopefully, the layout will become some very needed stress-relief for us!

    Academy Thread: BEFORE PLASTER CLOTH was interesting reading. BUT it brought back memories I'd almost forgotton about. At 13/ 14 years of age in my pre-HO days, had built a cellar Lionel layout, using wire window screen/ plaster method, on old doors over wood forms. Only problem is that we had no plaster; what we had was lots of ASBESTOS CEMENT! I worked with this stuff for several months, building hills on the layout! Clearly remember how easy it was to mold and even did this with my hands, rather than a trowel or putty knife, because of the unwanted tool marks they left; Go Figure! There IS A GOD because my Dad constantly used this stuff to repair our old steam-boiler and he lived to be 93 and yours truly has life-long asthma and's made it so far! BET there's other old-timers who did the same!

    Was curious about how many folks here are into around-the-room modeling. Just hoped to share some experiences with them. Am using Don Spiro's October, '05 RMC Shelfwork article, to construct layout 15" wide [more-or-less] and 51" high [clears all the bedroom furniture!]. Will run wireless Lenz DCC, walk with my trains; do my own switching using Sergent Engineering couplers [no 'glad hands'/ track magnets!] and C.I. ground throws. Starting with REA warehouse, a coal/ oil dealer & feed-grain mill along the first 14' of r-o-w on one wall [that's enough, LOL! ] . TTFN.....Old Tom aka papasmurf in NH
  2. doctorwayne

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    Tom, welcome back to model railroading. The layout that you're planning to build should be ideal for use of the Sergent Engineering couplers. If I didn't have so much stuff to convert, I would certainly use them. My layout is an around the room style, although it's a room dedicated to the layout only, so no need to accomodate furniture. Layout height varies from 36" to 58". Most of the 58" part will be a second level, as yet unbuilt, over the 36" area. Layout depth ranges from 20" to 49", with the majority of the deeper scenes composed of rural scenery. If you want to check out some views of the layout, go to the Photography section of the Gauge. There's one thread on page one, and then lots more on pages three through eight.

  3. Drew1125

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    Welcome back! :wave:

    You're right, model railroading is a great way to unwind, & forget (temporarily, anyway) the stresses of day-to-day living...

    I have an old scenery book from the 50's or 60's, & it had=s pictures of a layout that the guy used some kind of asbestos material to build his scenery...(funny how things change, aint it?)
  4. Gary S.

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    Tom, as you make progress, be sure to post some pics here.... always interested in seeing what others are doing and I just may incorporate your ideas into what I am doing.
  5. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    Welcome back!, hope you find the current "gauge" just as friendly, and informative as the one you left. It's been quite some time since you last posted here.

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