Come on back to the caboose and get a cup of coffee [or sweet ice tea] Part V

Discussion in 'The Caboose' started by N Gauger, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

  2. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    Man can we talk!!!!! :D :D :D :D

    A fresh new thread for us to chat and share!!!!
  3. WOW....Part V.......
    Howdy all.... It's snowing in Ohio again.

    Ran trains today. Love that fun.

  4. Brutus

    Brutus Member

    :eek: Chief, I'm not Jim A! Although I am A Jim!

    Buckeye - you would be surprised how many subdivisions are being built along (name some river or tributary) Bottom Road, eg Meramec Bottom Road. Well, Duh! When I lived in Valley Park, there was an area of town down near the river where the homes would be flooded about every 5 years or so. The people that lived there didn't care. When the flood was coming, they would take all their nice stuff and put it in storage on higher ground, then get a big chunk of $$$ from insurance and state/fed, fix up the house just enough, replace the old furniture that they left for the water to ruin, and pocket the rest. Finally, VP got smart and passed a can't fix/rebuild rule and eventually turned the whole flood area into "park". But, this is the 2nd 500 year flood in 15 years?! This is why I moved to the high ground with lots of drainage and clear fields of fire :twisted:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, I'll pass them to Mrs. Brutus. She's out shopping even now! We found out our daughter has strep, which is a bummer though. She'll be fine in 24 hours - just got the meds on the way home from work.

  5. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    Good to hear someone ran trains :) :) You jumped in here even before I locked the old one :D :D :D

    Not much gets past you!!!! :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:
  6. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    ROFL :) :) I moved it for ya!!!
  7. kpolak

    kpolak Member

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Brutus!

    Doug: Get a snowblower. You're back will thank you...Then you can go around the neighborhood and make some friends! Dog just ran loose. No one else was dumb enough to be out while it was snowing.

    Spanky: Great photos!

    Jeffery: Awesome graffiti!

    About 4-inches of grits here. Cleaned neighbors and our drive...all dry now.

    More work on the control panel....trying to reduce schematic, and get switches a comfortable distance apart. Drawing with a pencil and paper :cry: AutoCAD sure spoiled me.

    jefelectric: Thanks for the advice on the control panel being shematic! I never would have thought about that.

  8. CSXect

    CSXect Member

    :wave: Hi all of ya.

    I am now officaly worried about my job as I have been layed off for more than a reasonable time for the company to get payment from their customers(mostly Gov. entities) so they can put us back to workwall1

    Oh well more time to play with trains and read a lot of books:nope:

    Jeffery cool weathering on the last few photos:thumb:
  9. Krawler

    Krawler Member

    Thanks y'all

    CNW I am looking at HO scale Thomas due to it's my primary scale.

    Chief I saw something on our local news and thought about you. A remote control boat that has fishing line attached to the rear so you can use it to fish on ponds or lakes. In the piece they show the guy catching what look like a crappie.

  10. laz57

    laz57 Member

    HOLY COW PART 5!!!!
    Hi GIZ,
    Part 5, man and I thought women were DA CHAMPS of GAB?
    I did a little lite work today on layout about 12 more I had laying around and thought oh well better hook em up, so I did.
    Going to run some of my MTH tonite. I haven't run them very much since I got this Legacy stuff. Gotta rest the new stuff for a while and run some of the older engines.
    Going to watch HBO movie tonite Blades of Glory with WILL FERREL, suppose to be funny?
  11. Brutus

    Brutus Member

    Laz, I heard it is okay. If you want to keep your engines in tip top shape, you should run them often. Since you have been so busy, maybe you should send me some and I'll keep them running for you? Just let me know, anytime! What are friends for?! (-D

    Kurt - hey, did you ever use TurboCAD? I've got version 7 I think. It's good, but I'm not very good at it. I can never get the 3d stuff right, so just do 2d and multiple views for projects (top, front, side, etc). I think it was about $99 or so for the program?

    CSX - good luck on the job, man :(
  12. dwiemer

    dwiemer Member

    Wow, up to the 5th version. At least the pages here are filled with wonderful folks who make a person feel at home.

    Was a beautiful day here. Low 80s with blue sky and little breeze. Had fun with the kids hunting Easter Eggs this morning and getting plenty of candy in the kids:rolleyes:. Morning services to be something special. He's risen.

    On other matters, sorry to have stomped on some toes in other areas, I know better than to fight with an idiot, they lower you to their level and beat you with experience.

    I hope to have a peaceful day following services tomorrow as it will be nice to have the afternoon with the family. This week of call has gotten the better of me.

    Y'all have a blessed Easter.
  13. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    Busy day. Disked garden, used bottom plow to break it up and then disked a corner for lettuce and spinnish. I disked the neighbor's [the one who has been so ugly to me and Pam] garden and expanded it. Then broke it up and redisked it. Now he is my friend. Wife now says I am right. Do good and if they can't be nice, it is on their head. Dennis, don't worry. I sent a PM reminding him how he got in that magazine. That really ticked him off. The one that got me was all my little shadows. Everyone speaks for themselves.
    Had great meal at MIL's. Wife and I just realized we missed our 22 years married as of yesterday. :eek: We had talked about it three days ago and agreed on no presents. Carter being here made things hectic. We laughed. Happy Easter to all and God bless all of you. This is a great gang.
  14. Brutus

    Brutus Member

    :woot1: Happy Anniversary, Chief! :thumb:
  15. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    Happy Anniversary Chief!! :D D :D
  16. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    I'm fighting a cough that I picked up in Florida. Finally went to a walk-in clinic because I have an appointment with my own Dr. late next week.
    Over to sisters for Easter tomorrow. My father won't make it -- seniors residence is now quarantined for both incoming and outgoing.
  17. dwiemer

    dwiemer Member

    Chief, Happy Anniversary! :thumb: Please tell Miss Pam we send our best wishes. Right now, I am watching the #4449 Freedom Train on "Trains and Locomotives". I had it taped on DVR. Some spectacular scenery along with a beautiful train! goldtoth1 I remember as a kid seeing the Freedom train multiple times as she passed at the bottom of the hill I grew up on. Not sure why it passed by so many times, but we did live on a major corridor for a few lines. It was neat as you could hear the sound of that whistle and know what was coming down the tracks!

    Well, I didn't get my CTT yet. I guess the mailman has not finished it yet. I am sure they have read some of them in the past as I have had it arrived with pages bent and coffee stains on it! And NO, it was not Bob K's brand of Java. Oh well, I will have to wait for a few days till I can catch up on Don't reply and Spanky's photos.

    Happy Easter!:idea:
    God Bless,
  18. cnw1995

    cnw1995 Member

    Congratulations to you and Ms. Pam, Chief! Got the March Trains and MR out of the library today - saw a neat ad for telephone poles that are pre-wired - what a concept. Watching The Ten Commandments on ABC - love that Mr. Heston - what an actor. Have a nice Easter! I - uh the bunny - hid some eggs for the youngest and we're all set for services.
  19. Brutus

    Brutus Member

    Good night guys and gal, Happy Easter!
  20. Krawler

    Krawler Member

    Happy Anniversary Chief and Mrs Pam! May you have any more wonderful years together.

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