Come on back to the caboose and get a cup of coffee [or sweet ice tea] Part III

Discussion in 'The Caboose' started by N Gauger, Jun 17, 2007.

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  1. cnw1995

    cnw1995 Member

    Thanks a lot, Jon. Freezing rain on the way to work at church at 0630 this morn in the grey and cold Crystal Lake. Had to stop and scrap the window a few times. Ugh.

    John and Chief, nice job! You are both v. kind.

    Wife and daughter are at a jewelry party - uh oh. I'm going back into the basement to open another Thomas box - the youngest and I do one a day - we got all of Lionel's Thomas items.

    Frank53, in some of your photos, you have a curve right at the edge of the layout - are you worried about running something so close to the edge?
  2. Dr. John

    Dr. John Member

    Good afternoon from overcast central Alabama. Warmer and kind of dreary weather the past two days, but no rain. Fog was very bad this AM but has cleared off.

    Chief - that's a wonderful thing you did for that boy! I'm sure he'll enjoy his trains for years to come. John - likewise, it's nice that you delivered the goodies to those shut-ins. I bet that made their day!

    Frank53 - the birds eye view of the layout looks great!

    On the home front, our local HS football team, the Prattville Lions won their second consecutive 6A title. They're currently ranked number 2 in the nation by USA Today.

    Still no Christmas layout. :cry: Just haven't had time this year. I may put down a loop of track under the tree with no scenery just to run some trains.
  3. Frank53

    Frank53 Member

    I'm kinda getting to tending to those items as the track plan firms up. Here's one issue resolved:

    Contoured along the curve and the piece I chopped off of the sharp corner looks like it might slide right in where that track cuts off the table:



    just as I suspected:


    Little by little we fill in the blanks . . .
  4. laz57

    laz57 Member

    Hi GIZ,
    Rain here all day today. Got done with laundry and food shopping. Going to run trains tonite. CHIEF did you get your LEGACY set yet. I am going down to BARRYs on friday hope it is there? Also quite interested in the UP FEF, got to see if that came in? Love those elephant ears.
    No deer saw 16 total for the year, oh well got flintlock season starting the day after Christmas. Maybe better luck then?
  5. Brutus

    Brutus Member

    Keep your powder dry Laz! Elephant ears are those wind guards (?) on the sides at the front on some engines?

    Jon and Doug, we have had rain and freezing rain on and off for days now in the St. Louis area - I think it started Thursday. Now they say winter weather warning for tomorrow? What's that? Kids are hoping they will be off from school. If it's ice out, I might take off with them. This might sound a little familiar, Doug - my wife was off the other day so she decided to clean our son's room. She pulled out 6 big bags of trash including some food items and found a layer of dirty clothes too. I did 5 loads of laundry, just getting his done. Yuck. He even had other people's clothes buried in there. Still doing laundry, but now I'm up to the clothes for my wife and I, so no surprises!

    Jefelectric, very nice of you to take stuff to those people, I'm sure it's a real blessing to them.

    Frank53, you'll have to remember not to climb on those filler pieces to get to the scenery later though!
  6. laz57

    laz57 Member

    HI GIZ,
    Ran trains for 1.5 hrs. after watching NE make a monkey out of PITTSBURGH, DA! Oh well? NO PILEUPS. Got outbid on a WEAVER GS@ 4-6-2 Steamer lost by 10 bucks. DA! Oh well?
    Good nite.
  7. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    No word from Miss Edna about Legacy. Bet it is not in for you or me. Sent of card for chip and nothing from it either.
    Ran trains. Worked on MTH Conrail dummy I had put in smoke unit. Was smoking too much so added two more bridge rectifiers. Better now. Got out some older NS diesels I had not run for a while. It was real fun to run some things that had been on the "shelf" for a while. Later
  8. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Brutus: right. But they're called smoke deflectors. The idea was to take the air coming in the front and direct it upwards to take the smoke and steam high over the loco rather than have it sit around and obstruct the view from that 12"x18" window in the cab front.
    I think it was a combination of smaller chimneys as the boilers got bigger and softer puffs as the cylinders became more efficient.
  9. laz57

    laz57 Member

    Yepper as stated they are those black side metal pieces on the side of the stacks to deflesct the smoke so engineer can see. I think they are cool, lots o people hate them.
  10. dwiemer

    dwiemer Member

    Good evening everyone. Another quick stop off to see how y'all are doing. This is the final week of shooting the movie. We have the big train scene over the next two days. Once this is done, I can get on with the rest of life. Takes a lot of my time.

    Got a good bit of the yard done yesterday, but not all. Have to finish placing pine straw around bushes and small trees. I also have to fix a leaking toilet. and the list grows....

    Got word from a friend in spec. ops. He will be deployed in a place where we are officially not for the next few months. Shame as he and his wife just had a baby and will be gone for Christmas. Please remember him and the rest of our troops this time of year.

    Church was great today. We had the Annie Moses Band. Dr. John, if you ever get the chance to have them at your church, I highly recommend it.

    Anyway, hope everyone has a great week ahead.
  11. John Baker

    John Baker Member

    Over here we called them Blinkers. I think it was larger rather than smaller chimneys due to the increase in flue gas and ejected steam volumes. Elementary(physics) my dear Watson.
    :winter1:Cold morning in sunny Stockport.

    Gritters are out in strength.
  12. Good Morning..............
    It is a dark, wet 36 degrees. Drizzle rain. Going up to 41 today with more light rain.
    Today I have a few errands to run. Things to do around the house. Busy. No train time .
    Everyone have a nice day.
  13. cnw1995

    cnw1995 Member

    Good morning from a grey and cold Crystal Lake where I hope to work a bit more on the layout today - in betwixt a little 'real' work.

    Brutus, I love it when the middle boy and daughter talk about needing new clothes when I remind of what they forgot they had hanging in a closet or in a drawer. Think I have to go pull something similar again to clean out the middle boy's room again.

    I see what you mean, Frank53, looks nice. I have resisted the siren call of the shrink wrapped Fastrack that came in all my Thomas stuff so far - you would be proud.

    I managed to set up a third main line around the layout - so I have one outer one that goes through Mt. Seaman's tunnel. Another that connects to a yard loop with three stub tracks in one corner, and now the third - I basically untangled a very long trolley loop that crossed over itself twice. This one has a short siding. The youngest is getting adept at running Thom, Percy and James -- each on their own line - then they meet to 'talk' -
  14. TomPM

    TomPM Another Fried Egg Fan

    Good morning folks

    It was 38 F with a misty rain as I headed off to the slave pits this morning. Our high today is supposed to be 51 F but with more rain. As a matter of fact it is supposed to rain until Thursday.

    On Sunday we had to go and order new in the wall double ovens. Our top oven is no longer maintaining the set temperature thus nothing will cook in it.

    Since I decided not to deal with the grab irons I got out the other 4 coil cars. Because it did not involve drilling I added the handrails to the hoods and began painting them.

    I hope everybody has a good day.
  15. Dr. John

    Dr. John Member

    Good morning, all!

    Unseasonably warm in Prattville today. Another very foggy morning, too.

    Dennis, thanks for the tip. I'll write down the name of the group and pass it along to our worship minister.

    Staff meeting in 15 minutes, so I'll say "so long," for now. Hope everyone has a good day!
  16. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    Morning all. Been up early for me [6 AM]. Big bowl of GRITS and some bacon. Been working on an engine. Been wanting to do this for some time. Have a early model Lionel NS Dash 9 I bought used. Has TMCC and sounds. No cruise control. Made rabbit starts even setting the throtle and etc. Then made sudden stops without being able to creap. Well, wired the motors in series. WOW. Made the biggest difference. Creaps off and slows down to a crawl. Now off to Town Hall and then county Animal Control meeting this afternoon. Have a good one.

    BTW: there is a burr under my saddle on the CTT forum. It is the same burr that has gotten under a lot of folks saddle. Dr. John, you may have to put cotton in your ears. I think it is time to tell him that his mother runs out from under the door steps and bites you on the leg when you go in that yard. :curse::curse::curse:
  17. Chief I'm one that wouldn't want to be that burr. I know a few times I send or say some smart a$$ remarks but don't mean any harm to you or others. just playing like you do south and north. hope you get the other problem salved I pretty sure your not meaning me as I've haven't posted in a while ineither as not much to say. know theres been trouble over there a few times recently part of why I been just reading mainly.
  18. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    RT, it is definately not you. That person is NOT on this forum. Most know who I am talking about.
  19. laz57

    laz57 Member

    HI GIZ,
    Another rainy day here, but not cold just dismal.
    Ran trains last nite for 1.5 hrs NO PILE UPS.
    CHIEF, I read your post on CTT, you got it right.
  20. Frank53

    Frank53 Member

    sign1 "The Siren Call" - THAT was funny.

    Keep the faith my friend, tubular will set you free . . . .
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