Colonial Landram from Battlestar Galactica

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    True, to a point, but when you consider, some private citizens are making spaceships in our deserts, and have already docked them with the I.S.S., and that one of those, can carry 7 people, and will be launched with a year, it shows that we, the people, are making our way. We the people, do what whole governments cannot do. Just a tiny bit of flag waving, every bit true, however. Also, what we send into space is classified, and nobody knows what the XB-37 is doing up there, and there was supposedly a manned option for that. There is no way of knowing if that has flown or not. That's what they, those people are doing! :)

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    Next year will see a major revision of the Landram design. I will fix the error on the turret shield (it is supposed to be attached to the turret itself and not to the rotating base). See you! :)
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    Not only that, but you need to add seat to the turret as well.
    Well, I guess I will wait to rebuild it after you have made the changes.
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    That would be wise! :)
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    Sounds great!

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