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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by SteveInBama, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. SteveInBama

    SteveInBama New Member

    :confused:Can anyone tell me what compatability problems I may encounter with Atlas Code 100 Flextrack? I'm a new guy building a DCC layout to run with Digitrax and diesel engines - turnout type not yet selected. (Peco insulfrog?) Thanks for any tips or warnings..... SteveInBama
  2. Jswiga

    Jswiga New Member

    Hey Steve,
    I really don't see you having any compatibility issues as longs as all the track you are using is code 100. Although most would say to use code 83 or even 70 for all your track for its realism. i just had way tooo much code 100 to change.

  3. SteveInBama

    SteveInBama New Member

    Thanks Joe, I appreciate the reply - I guess the good news side to the limited number of replies to my question is that I did not get lots of responses telling me the use of Code 100 is nothing but compatability trouble. ;-)
  4. reklein

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    I saw this post kinda late but I'll answer anyway. I've been a model railroader most of my life and when I started my current layout about 8 yrs ago I decided on code 100, thinking it would make maintenance and reliability a little better. I don't feel that way now. If I were to do it again I believe I'd go with code 83 and handlay turnouts using the fastracks system. I'd also solder up the turnouts on PC board so as to make them semi portable.I can't seem to make up my mind on track arrangement. Besides the prototype changed the track layouts as needed.
    I'd go with code 83 and 70 simply for realism sake. I don't care for Atlas turnouts anymore as they've over done the point notching and some of my steamers pick the notches in either direction.
    The size of the rail has nothing to do with compatablity with DCC.Think about all the different scales using DCC.
    Good choice with DCC a little spendy to start,but operation is great with it.
    Deisels will make your life easier as they aren't so picky about the track they run on.
    Transition railjoiners are available to change from one code to another,so no problems there.
    Good luck on your layout BILL
  5. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Steve: Atlas code 100 is pretty much like Peco code 100 for running purposes. You may find that Peco rail joiners are a bit finer than Atlas.
    If you need to add in some finer rail sections (Peco code 83, code 70) you can make a quick join by putting a joiner on the code 100 and squishing half of it with pliers, then solder the smaller rail on top. May take a couple of tries to get precise.
    Peco insulfrogs may have a shorting problem in the frog where 2 rails come close together. some wheels will manage to contact both rails at once.
  6. lysaa

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