Coal unit train point to point?

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    Thank's For the help....[​IMG]
    Is this where you mean?
    The switch on curve I'm tryin' to draw but so far the curves on the wrong side of the dang switch.....will sure make a longer passing siding once I figure it out..
  2. pgandw

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    Exactly what I intended on the reversing section. I'm not a DCC user so I'm not sure whether the reversing section has to hold the entire train. This would affect how far out you have to push the insulating rail joiners. Maybe some DCC users can chime in on this point. I do know that the auto-reverser does its thing just as soon as the locomotive wheels enter the reversing section.

    For the passing sidings, make the curved part of turnout the last part of the semi-circle. The outside track will have it final curved piece after the straight part of the turnout. Don't have an easy way to draw and post what I'm trying to say at present. Hope this helps.
  3. Russ Bellinis

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    The reversing section only has to be long enough to hold the engines unless you have car lights like a fred on the last car that is lit by the track power. If that is the case, your reversing section needs to be longer the your longest train.

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