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    thanks andrew,gus,deano---i realize i am very lucky to have a very supportive wife who allows me to pursue my dreams---above all,i'm very fortunate to have developed a long term friendship with doctor wayne who deserves all the credit for painting and decorating the majority of my collection---and thanks to all the gauge members who provide encouragement and inspiration through your feedback---i have often heard that having a hobby can be therapeutic,in my case i really believe that---thanks again
    andrew,the water plug is from tichy(i think ???)
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    Amen to that....
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    Yeah, but you know those railroad men, they just drink up your blood like wine! :eek: And I said, "Oh, I didn't know that, but, then again there's only one I've met..." wall1wall1

    Sorry, folks, I was listening to some old Bob Dylan while I was workin' on trains today.

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    hi triplex---thanks for adding that excellent link---lots of great photos of cpr steam(and many other roads as well)---seeing as you like those e-10-a moguls,i've included another picture of #81 riding the turntable at lowbanks while in service on doctor wayne's EG&E---hope you enjoy

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    What's the interesting dual-handled valve on 1533's smokebox side? (with the sharp red grips?)
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    hi galen---good question :confused::confused::confused:---to be honest,i'm not sure wall1wall1wall1---i do know many cn steam locomotives were equipped with snow removal apparatus---this may be part of that equipment ???---hopefully someone with more technical expertise can help---here's a better view of the valves

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    From the first photo that I saw, which was quite small, I thought that the pipe was the air pump's exhaust steam pipe, but that pipe can be seen coming from the upper chamber of the forward air pump, then dropping almost immediately down to running board level, and rising again just before it enters the smokebox. The pipe with the valves looks like it comes from the cab, and because it doesn't appear to be lagged (insulated), it may be an air line, perhaps for operating a turntable. Oops! Check out page 114 in the Palmerston book: it shows the 81 hooked-up to operate a turntable, and the connection is definitely to the airbrake hose. On pages 129 and 133, the 86 looks like it's also fitted with the mysterious pipe, and it also has its front brake hose, so it's not likely an alternative connection point. Looking through the same book, it seems as if lots of 10-Wheelers and Pacifics were fitted with the pipe, although very few seem to have the valve handles in place. That part is easily removeable,though, and could be stored in the fireman's seatbox. I'm stumped as to its purpose, though.


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