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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by e-paw, May 29, 2008.

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    I am looking for color pics of CNJ #454. She's a 4-8-0 built by Brooks in 1899 in Dunkirk NY (later to become part of Alco). I am also trying to find any, Black+White or whatever, pics of the cab interior from a camel back built around the same time.
    It's for a project I started a wile ago then put off to the side and now want to start up again.
    Thanks a lot for any help...

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    The only photos I've ever happened on of a 4-8-0 camelback were from the late 40s. If they didn't last into the 50s, color photos may be almost impossible to find.
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    She was sold to the Bethlehem Steel Co. on 7-47 and scraped 2 years later ,So like you said color pics are hard to find. In 45 she had a complete rebuild and saw regular service in eastern PA until her date of sale. So, I hoped that some one may have A pic or 2(my hopes were not high).The B+O museum it Baltimore has a CNJ Atlantic from the same builder from the same time, I tried to contact them about getting in the cab to get a few shots but I did not get an answer.
    Thanks again
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    Hey e-paw, can't help you with your quest, but wanted to say great work!
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    Thanks I'll keep posting pics as I move along.

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