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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by Kevinkrey, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Kevinkrey

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    I have had a lot of time being having a long weekend off from school and so I have been postiong a lot, and workin on the train, buts thats all good, right?:thumb: Anyway, I was just wondering if any of the modelers up north have any new info on the Missabe, any new locos?
  2. CRed

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    No new engines I believe,although most have been re-painted from their awesome "Arrowhead" scheme to the much duller CN scheme.Oh,and they have actually retired several of them lately,bleh!

    A while back I did see an CN AC4400 or similar on Ore Dock #6.It looked misplaced to me,but of course I'm used to looking up and seeing DM&IR SD38's and SD40-3's.

  3. Kevinkrey

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    :cry:How about the sd-38s, any of them painted. Are the 406 and 413 still up there?
  4. CRed

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    Most SD38's are still Maroon and Gold,but give them time and they'll get to them.Sadly:(.

    Both the #406 and #413 are still around,but the #406 has been repainted CN.

    Here's a link that might interest you...

    DMIR Diesel Locomotives


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