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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by garyj36, Dec 12, 2004.

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    I keep eyeing my stash of resin and streyne ship kits. I am not getting anything close to satisfactory results. I think a bigger scale is the key for me if the Admirable is any indication. Someone recomend a preprinted 200th kit. Preferably destroyer sized and armed so it keeps my interest. I need . Good fit. Good accurate instructions , preferably illustrated. And preferably no laminating. As I think Im losing my frame dimensions cutting those out. This hobby facinates me but so far its all frustration and no fun.
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    First don't give up and second the scale of the kit does not make it easy!!

    A 1/200 destroyer has loads of small parts that do require a lot of tweezer work and you are still looking at a small model :roll:

    Also I have not seen a model that has no lamination
    I would say go for a bigger model and not a pre printed one, a CD model is best for getting to grips with the hobby.

    From my point of veiw a good model to get what you require is Romans "Yamato".
    Yes its big, but it has no boats to make, no davits to rig and most of the parts are big. Like all his kits everything fits like a glove and you can reprint it as often as you need it.

    If you do want to build a destroyer you won't get better than one of Mike Krol's destroyers, HMS Savage is a very good one as Barry will tell you.
    His kits are the same as Romans it all fits very well.
    I have found with the formers that it is test fit and test fit again, it is best to cut them to small than to big. Small can always be made up with stips of card but to big is hard to put right once its been glued.
    Plus you don't have to build the kit in the order of the instructions, I don't.
    I build the sections as a build in there own right and then glue the lot together when I want!!

    All I can say is don't give up and if you get to the stage of frustration take a brake and do something else.

    Just don't give up :D

    Always willing to help in any way

    My two cents worth :lol:

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    Silly question but are you making sure your printer is NOT set to fit on page because that causes that kind of problem.

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    I was having a similar problem until I figured out that the drawing software I was printing from was causing the distortion...what should have been square pixels were printing out as rectangles higher than they were wide. I switched to photoshop for doing the printout from, and the problem was corrected.

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