Clinchfield Caboose detailing

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Chessie1973, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. Chessie1973

    Chessie1973 Member

    Hey guys and gals,

    I am at it again.

    I have taken a couple of old Athearn Cupola Cabeese and I am sort of kitbashing them into a new Clinchfield caboose for my layout.

    I have already taken the working parts from the two kits (some of the detail pairts were broken or missing between the two kits) and made one complete kit out of them.

    I have since shaved all the molded on handrails and repaintd the shell from it's silver paint scheme to a primer grey one that Clinchfield used on it's engines.

    I plan to copy the paint scheme on my Stewart F7 set I have.

    What I am looking to do is make a matching caboose for these engines as well as get me a CRR caboose since I can't seem to find one for it until Atlas releases their CRR red one.

    Pics to follow :cool:

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  2. Chessie1973

    Chessie1973 Member

    And here is a shot of the Caboose after the repaint thus far. I still need toput the stripes on the caboose and find me a decal for the Clinchfield on the side as well as numbering and such.

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  3. Chessie1973

    Chessie1973 Member

    I would like some input on this one from the Gauge. I plane to paint the roof black tomatch the locos but what about the roof walk? Should I leave it grey, or paint it another color?

    The holes are where I pre drilled for the new finescale grabs that I will put on it later one the painting is done.

    I also plan to put windows in on the caboose using thin clear plastic window material left over from those Pullman coaches as well.

    I used an extra roof vent from one of our Pulman coaches for the smoke stack on the caboose because I hated the generic plastic "T" that Athearn used in the kits.

    the Paint on the caboose is Plastic Kote brand Anti Rust grey primer.

    The Yelow on the handrails and steps is from a uniPaint yellow Paint marker.

    The yellow is pretty close to the same shade as on the Locomotives .

    The Grey is a little lighter than the Loco's but then again the prototype never could really get perfect paint color matches either from one car to the next so it is close enough for me.

    BTW that yellow is almost a perfect match for the CSX bright future yellow on the models I have with that scheme just so you know.
  4. Chessie1973

    Chessie1973 Member

    Well I have all the new grab irons installed now.

    Just have to install the windows and find the Clinchfield lettering for it and the road numbers and other graphics.

    The pin stripes are done.

    New technique I discovered.

    I used scotch tape and the same yellow paint pen I used to paint the handrails on the end.

    The scotch tape as a very low strength adhesive so it doesnt pull up the paint at all and it peels off very easily.

    I masked off the stripes then painted them by dabbing the paint pen onto the area until it was covered fully then promptly peeled away the scotch tape.

    If there was any bleeding under the tape I carefully scraped it away with the point of an x-acto blade while the paint was still a little tacky. Worked like a charm.
  5. NYC-BKO

    NYC-BKO Member

    Looking good Randall,-:thumb:

    btw- where did you get the uniPaint - paint marker?
  6. Chessie1973

    Chessie1973 Member

    I actually "recquisitioned" it from work

    I hope to get the pics of the nearly finished work wen I get home in about 3 hours.

    The only problem with those pens is that the paint dries VERY fast. It isnt very good for painting larger surfaces at all. It is decent for touch ups however.

    It is perfect for painting wire and handrails though because it doesnt drip or run unles you really pump the tip to get the paint flowing freely out of it.
  7. Chessie1973

    Chessie1973 Member

    As promised, here come the pics.

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  8. Chessie1973

    Chessie1973 Member

    A detail shot of the end

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  9. Chessie1973

    Chessie1973 Member

    A side by side of it with another athearn cboose of the same type that hasnt been detailed as much.

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  10. Chessie1973

    Chessie1973 Member

    A couple more shots of the Caboose next to the locomotive I based the paint scheme on.

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  11. Chessie1973

    Chessie1973 Member

    a closer shot of just the B unit and the caboose

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  12. Fred_M

    Fred_M Guest

    That's a sweet lookin hack. :thumb: Fred
  13. Ho Modeler

    Ho Modeler Member

    This is really weird but i just got done ripping apart the same exact caboose to make a traction caboose then painted it the same color. All because of a post a week or two ago. Definetely weird. Wish i had a picture.

  14. jmarksbery

    jmarksbery Active Member

    :wave: Looks great Randell, you should be able to research the Clinchfield on the internet I think I have ran across it a couple of time. The decals shouldn't be hard to find or make your own. The yellow pen looks dead on, I think we all could use one of those! How many did you say they have at work? :rolleyes: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: Jim
  15. Chessie1973

    Chessie1973 Member

    I figured I would post a pic of the paint pen so everyone can know what to look for.

    I have seen these in Arts and Crafts stores like Michael's and the like before.

    It is actually a little bit brighter than the paint on the loco, but if you look at the loco under a magnifying glass you can actually sort of tell that the paint is applied so thinly to the shell that the underlying grey shows through a little bit which makes the yellow appear slightly darker than it really is.

    One pleasant surprise I had doing this model was the alignment on the stripes. I didn't have the Loco as a reference when I painted them.

    I was just using the lines of the car as a reference to them and they line up perfectly with those of the loco.

    The Plant I work at uses them to paint job numbers on the parts as they are being built.

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