clerestory windows?

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  1. nachoman

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    I've got a couple of HOn3 cars that are gonna need clerestory windows. The MDC kits come with some kind of blue plastic - this doesn't seem right to me. Does anyone have info into what kind of glass was in there, and how to model it?

  2. Russ Bellinis

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    I think you just about need to decide on prototype, and get a picture of your prototype during the time frame you want to model. I think I've seen everything from clear glass to stained glass, to tinted or smoked glass on various prototype passenger cars. Generally, I think the older the cars the more ornate the glass was.
  3. nkp174

    nkp174 Active Member

    I recall seeing Peter Brunce add a cool design...eastlake style or a 1:20.3 was'd probably just print it on a transparency and cut it out.

    I'd check White's for you...but its 9:38 right now, I'm researching DSP&P passenger cars, and relaxing after building the ends (minus the working doors) for my paycar. mmm. hot chocolate is good in the winter wonderland of ice and snow. I'm beginning to plot my next passenger car...a B&S coach? A head end car? A combine?
  4. doctorwayne

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    I think that Russ is correct: depending on the prototype, the glass could've been one of many types. Frosted glass and "milk" glass are other options, and some roads plated over some or all of the clerestory windows, too.

  5. ocalicreek

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    Don't forget little decorations like figureheads, fluer de lis, etc. on the vertical pieces between the panes if it's a really fancy or ornate car. All the kits I've ever seen/assembled come with green glass.

    On a northeastern brand combine I substituted micro crystal clear liquid tinted with green acrylic craft paint. This gave the window an uneven tint. Not the intended result, but more realistic to my eye than the plastic it came with.

    Oh, and egg nog latte is my poison for those cold mornings or nights, snowy or not!

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