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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by leofirebrand, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. leofirebrand

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    Just finished working on my most recent build and this time it's actually a buildable model. It's from the video game Borderlands. For those that are not familar with the franchise Claptrap is kinda a hybrid between R2D2 and C-3P0 personality. You can see the full post on my blog along with a link to download the files from the link below.

    Sorry I did not post a build thread. Since I dont use 3D software I had to do all the geometry by hand and I was honestly worried it would not work out. I was embarassed by the thought of a failed project thread being out there always reminding me. Luckily though it worked out.

    Also I had alot of people ask me to do a tutorial thread on my process back when I built my Y-Wing and this model is a very good indicator of how my process works. Plus I created a 23 page build manual which has alot more insights and photos. The instructions are not as detailed as I would like but in my opinion are still more thorough than most of the projects I have downloaded in the past, so anyone with a little experience should be fine.

    Let me know what you think. Also if anyone can tell me, would it be considered double posting if I post this in the free models section as well?

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  2. micahrogers

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    Looks fine congrats on a job I could never do. :thumb:
  3. dnalor

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    one nice droid..
    and that completly by hand...

    great :)
  4. Zathros

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    Yesterday I made a post on this and must have forgotten to press submit. i'll try again.

    When I see work like this, it just really inspires the heck out of me. I wish you would show some build pics, foibles and all. They could be so instructional and inspirational to those who do not have software but think they need all this stuff to make models. Heck, all you need is a good ruler, steady hand and some coloring pens. This is really excellent work. Thanks for posting it. It would really be cool to see some development photos, even if they don''t work out. I know some guys who build planes this way, and they come out great! Teach us how to do what your doing. Just snap a picture here and there, you have an audience, or really, I should say, a class, waiting. :)
  5. leofirebrand

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    Thanks for the kind words. I am making a conscious effort to document my process more. For a while I avoided it as I felt I was too green and had nothing to add. Eventually you realize you always feel that way no matter how much you improve.

    When thinking about the best way to train my method I decided that actually creating kits was the best way. So this kit is designed as a trainer of sorts. For instance the arms are made by rolling up paper till it's the right dimensions instead of trying to deal with all the math. Also instead of creating a whole bunch of folded object I just glue detail pieces on using thicker paper.

    The instructions for the build actually show every step and serve as a starting port for learning my technicque. Oddly my process if very unscientific and my coments in the instructions actually give away the vast majority of my "tricks". The only math I every use is Pi for determining how long to cut strip that wrap around circle shapes. In the package I also include a 2D blueprint that shows the model from all angles so you can see how the line art converted to the actual parts. Also where most Pep files have really odd looking breakdowns of parts, because mine is by hand, I think you can see more clearly how a 3D object is broked into 2D. For instance the wheel is just the side profile with a strip wrapped around it the same width as the front and back profile will the little accent pieces glued on.

    My next build is going to be a more complex build along the lines of my Y-wing and I will be detailing some more of my process. I will say this, it is MUCH easier building on the fly than trying to build a printable kit.
  6. Zathros

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    Have you tried Tao instead of Pi? :)
  7. dnalor

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    It's a nice little droid..
    I've read the instructions and looked at the model. and it looks easy..
    that's a sign that it's well engineerd. :)
  8. ThunderChild

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    Couldn't get into the game, but it is a cute character and this is a great model, you did an incredible build. :D
  9. jarobinson

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    Very nice indeed, I love robots.
  10. leofirebrand

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    Thanks you don't realize how much that means. I tried really hard to make it as simple yet detailed as I could and there is always that fear that you don't explain something well enough because you know the model too well.

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