Civil war area Cannon

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  1. blaar

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    I originally posted this over at papermodelers and thought I would post it here too.

    Original topic / thread HERE

    Download the model from my page HERE


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  2. Zathros

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    Oh yeah, we don't rate eh!:p Only kidding. That's an awesome Cannon. I too am a Civil War buff, (not in the buff though!). That whole era was so incredible. I wonder when someone will do a 15" or so Monitor or other Ironclad. Some of these had Cannon mounted on their decks surfaces. It could be cool to do something lie that. All of the ones out now are small, and don't have the deck clutter details. The Canon is awesome. The picture below of the Passaic is a good example.

  3. fishBait

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    Thanks a lot from another civil war buff. Like the cannon and the gatling.

    Keep em' coming!

  4. robot

    robot i'm a paper shredder

    Nice gun.
    But someone speaks about a Gatling gun.
    Where i can find it?


    P.S. Found it after more browsing.
    Nice model. Where's the ammo? ;)
  5. blaar

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    Well it is loaded of coarse, it is inside the drum. :)

    Feel free to add / modify the model as you wish.

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