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  1. I'm starting on some city blocks and although I found a lot here about width, +/- 30 feet looks good, i've been unable to find anything on the length of the concrete slabs for Wisconsin. Can anyone help?
    (BTW going out and measuring them is not an option as I'm in the Netherlands.
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    :thumb: time for a road trip,,,, plus an air trip, ha ha ha have you tried to contact either the Department of Highways for the state or check a University / College for an transportation enginerring course. Final bit of help might be to check for any club web sites that can be emailed for help....:wave:
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    I have a sister that lives in Wisconsin. I'll have a measurement shortly, if she is up on her mail.

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    Good Luck

    Good luck Lynn. I could see the look on my sisters face if I asked her to go into the street and measure the length of the expantion joints in the streets! sign1
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    Hah!!! You're right Joe. She would probably say "Come up (from Texas) and do it yourself". I've got an ace in the hole, my brother-in-law in a nice guy.:thumb: :thumb:

  6. Thanks in advance Lynn,. I found one site which said 12 feet long, which doesn't seem right. The reason i asked forWisconsin was that I guess there will be a difference between North and South due to the different winters I guess 8 feet wide per lane by 50 feet long will be OK.
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    City streets....
    Without measuring, just guestimating, (my father used to work for a local highway department, he said that is standard width),8'wide lanes, 8' on each side for parallel parking along the walks, depending how many lanes your main street has...

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