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    Yesterday, the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry opened its new accurate HO scale railroad that runs from Seattle to Chicago and points in between. The web site does a great job of showing the layout, and the history of the model train layout at the museum.

    From their press release...
    "This is not your average model train set. The Great Train Story
    replaces the Museum's former 60-year-old Santa Fe Railway exhibit and boasts a new 3,500 square foot layout. It depicts the railroad's winding journey between Chicago and Seattle, passing through the Midwest, the Plains States, the Rockies, the Cascades, and into the Pacific Northwest. Along the way, trains are involved in industries as diverse as grain commodities, raw materials for manufacturing, consumer goods for import and export, lumber, apples, and tourism."

    Take a look and enjoy!
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    The Gauge is truncating the URL. Go to and take the Webmaster's Choice link. I assure you that it does work from there.

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