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    Maybe this should be posted in the technical area. Anyways... There is a post here about scanners for listening to your local railroads. As a Ham Radio Operator, I've made many antennas. Inclueding this one. This antenna is called a J Pole. It's made out of 300OHM twin lead (The flat stuff). I would use RG6 coax to feed the antenna. You can hang the antenna on the wall. You can put it in a small PVC pipe and mount it out doors. Another good thing is, this antenna can recieve alot more than the railroads!

    Here's the link:
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    What frequencies would they be using?? I'd like to listen in on the local RR with my SW radio.
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    Hi Steamhead:

    The frequency rang is between 162MHz - 163MHz. Chances are your shortwave radio doesn't go this far in frequency. A good inezpensive police scanner will do just fine. down below is a Ham Raio that can transmitt on HF(shortwave)/VHF/UHF. The radio is an Icom 706MKII. The price of this radio is around $1100!


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    You're right...I can't get it on the SW.:cry:

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