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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by bigsteel, Mar 15, 2007.

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    Crushed stone

    The real guys use crushed stone. So I went to a local quarry and got a 5 gallon bucket of stone dust sifted it out with a window screen. The smaller stuff that fell through I use as ballast. I didn't check with magnet because I am gluing it in place. I don't think the magnets in locomotives are strong enough to pick it up from that distance and after it is glued down. I have been doing this for about 10 years and don't always have it glued down when I run trains as it is an ongoing project. I have never had any trouble with it and it is free as they charge by the ton.

    Here you can see the results
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    went to home depot and they didnt have diddly squat,so im heading to western hills builder's suply to check,i dont have a quarry near by so stone dust is almost impossible but looks good.and the magnets in the engine dont pull them up it causes a short between the rails but i will definatley check for iron.--josh
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    To the Land Shark theme from Saturday Nightl Live back in the good old days, Petsmart, Petsmart, Petsmart, Petsmart, Petsmart, Petsmart. :D:D:D:D:D
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    I have used agracultural limestone comes in small bags of 50 pounds. You have to screen it to get the powder out. I kept the course for ballast. Last bag I got was $7 but got about 11 pounds of ballast and it is limestone.
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    Aquarium gravel or sand is good too.

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    Not for N scale, way too course. Got some stuff my wife gave me that she used for decoration around potted plants, same thing, too course.
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    Paver sand. Sift it and you get mostly fine stuff that makes good ballast and also coarser stuff that can be used as talus. $3.50 for a 50# bag at Lowe's or HD.

    WS ballast is ground walnut shells. I dislike it.

    However, when I use "real" ballast, I have found Highball brand to be very good.
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    would it be ok to use old kitty litter and not clean it if your doing a logging layout UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
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    Hi folks this is my first post on the forum. When shopping in Au Natural shop we found large canister's of small granular gravel for sale £3.00s per canister it was a bit large so my son and I "joint hobby" ground it down with a small pessary dish.
    This is the result well hope you can see it we are not good on computers.
    This is my first bash at trying to communicate.

    As you can see our loft space is limited.

    Cheers JB
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    Putting pictures on with posts

    Folks As a computer DinosaurI don't know how to put pictures onto the forum in order to give visual aid as to what I am blabering about any Ideas I have a digital camera and zoom browzer but not quite there at working things out. Ok I haven't a clue.

    Cheers JB
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    Sorry the picture didnt come out on computer I an obsolete and learning how to use this dam thing for first time kids have gone to bed so cant call on them for help.

    will try again to show you result.

    Cheers JB
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    Follow the link in my signature, below, to read about posting pictures to The Gauge.

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    OK I have read trhe destructions printed them off and have tried by selecting a wee random picture lest see if this worked.

    There should be a picture attached ! I have selected image by Browse then upload step 4 up loaded picture did not appear as per step 5

    Cheers JB
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    Still no good !

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    Hopless case

    Sorry folks I am a lost cause cannot get picture to up load tried to manage attachements found a picture uploaded it then nothing zilch no image. I tried to compress this and put it into a zip file all compressed but no use I think I will have to resign. Or try a computer class trouble is we have a 60 mile round trip to the nearest supermarket so getting so getting someone out is a problem.

    Cheers JB

    PS there is an attachement key with a whole list of stuff Jpeg bimp all sorts shown I cannot click onto these and there are no more buttons to press inorder to progress with the upload.
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    you jst upload into the gallery and then copy and past the url into the inser image link in the post.hope this helps and by the way ...still no luck with the masonry sand,i might just find it at one more hardware store in colerain.--josh
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    Did you read the tutorial that Andrew mentioned, on how to upload pictures to here? There are two size restrictions, the physical size and the file size. I'm betting that you're not complying with one or the other. You will need a photo editing program to get the picture to the proper size. If you still need help, you can contact me or any of the mods to get the help you need. Just give it another wee try. Read the tutorial and when you try to upload, the "manage attachment" box will tell you why it won't upload. Come back and tell us what that says.
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    Hi mate

    I printed the thing out and went bit by bit anyway some how Ive cracked it see my other post.

    I tried to do it again but failed Ive done it once so will keep at it but not tonight I'm off to make up a signal rail gantry just to calm the nerves after spending hours with pictures thanks JB
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    Does anyone know someone who actually tried kitty litter? Funny thing is that before this thread was posted, I looked down at the cat box and thought "Hmmmm... Nah."

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