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    Went to my fave hobby store this eve, and ended up talking with the owner for about an hour about my upcoming layout. By the end of it, I had totally changed my entire plan, both in terms of the setup and construction technique.

    And that's what I like about the place. He's equally at home talking to a rookie (such as me) as ye ol' "rivet counters".

    At any rate, I decided that's what I'm looking for in a club/group. Meet every week or two weeks at somebody's home, and for the most part, just sit around and talk about model trains. Maybe run some trains, or watch them go by.
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    You've hit upon the number one reason why MY hobby is so expensive. I don't use Ebay, or basement dealers, or cut rate discount houses. I want those hobby shops around so I CAN go in and chat. The places where the owner, or the staff will take the time to talk about ideas, are what hobby shops are all about!
    Half the projects I've done probably would not have happened if there hadn't been hobby shop personell to bounce the idea off of.
    If I need something for the railroad, I'll go shop to shop looking before I'll order, and then I order through my nearest shop.
    I figure, if I support the hobby shops, they will be there so I can "go and chat" once in a while.
  3. N Gauger

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    "Real" hobby shops

    Oh man, I have one of those near me. But its nothing like the "good old days" '70 & '80's when "Mom & Pa" owned the store. I still go to my main supplier and find I shoot the bull (with employees & other customers alike) more than I shop.

    But you have to figure, that's one store that has been in business for more than 25 Years, and I've been a "Loyal Customer" for all 25. The other 4 stores are all gone and the only other "hobby marts" around now are department stores, where sometimes you are twice as old as the "clerk" that is trying to help you. :confused:
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    My local guy treats his store like it is his collection instead of a shop. The first few months I started going there he would glower at me and follow me around. His wife is exactly the opposite and was helpful in the extreme. After I started bringing in pictures and sharing the progress on my layout he warmed up and started cutting me good deals on the stuff I buy.
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    I also use hobby shops.I work part time in one also.In fact I am at work now on my bosses computer.He does not care as long as it does not interfer with customer service.that is way it took 40 mins to type this. Every saturday morning it is like a mini convention.It is not uncommon for the guys/and some gals to hang around for 2-3 hours.There is always plently of free coffee.

    R.I.Mike,You will be surprise of all the information you can get at the local club.Good luck! :D

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