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  1. leofirebrand

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    Yeah Blaar is amazing. He got me the Atlas pdo already. Thanks for the offer though. I love how collaborative the community has been with me.

    The only issue is when you view the 3D model in pep the camera is fixed at center and the geometry scales based on where the model sits in relation to the focal point. This creates scewed geometry. I have some leads on possibly getting some true orthos for the atlas otherwise creating them using just the 3d model will be far more challenging, though not imposible.

    Normally I only use the 3D models for getting reference photos from all types of angles, though I have drawn my own orthos before, I just prefer to find existing ones if possible.
  2. Tirick

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    Took about 20 min, but I have it now in Blender. I can get more 'true' 3-Angle shots for you than Pepakura can obtain, if you want. As well I can hide geometry and zoom on areas that are unclear. I can also put it into perspective with the Cat for relative scale.


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  3. blaar

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    Yeah, we are one big happy family aint we ? :)

    If you checked the zip file I sent you, you will notice there is an MQO file in there. Download Metasequoia and open the MQO file in there.

    Should make for a much better 3D model view experience. Pepakura is slow as hell viewing modes. So this should help you out a bit. Another advanatage is you can set the view you like ....... Front / Back / Top /3D, so setting the views can also help you out with the initial drawing of the plans.


    Also, if you prefer I can export you a Google Skethcup file, in case you prefer working with Sketchup.

    Download Metasequoia from :

    Hope it helps.


    Sadly the new age games models are high in poly's and detail, so converting them to paper directly isn't exactly easy and some times just not doable without heavy editing of the mesh. Most of the time it is just better to take the mesh and use it as a reference to model one from scratch.

    The Atlas seems 2x more detailed to me than the Catapult.
  4. blaar

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    Here are some Google Sketchup 2D image export to give you an idea of what you can expect in Sketchup.

    Hope these views will better help you :)

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  5. leofirebrand

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    Again thanks for all the help. Tirick and Blaar, you have been huge help. Those sketchup images are amazing and far more accurate than any hand drawn ortho would ever be. I am slowly but surely figuring out the cryengine and thanks to tirick I also have been turned on to blender. I have alot of new software to learn to use but the results definately make it worth the effort.

    Who knows, one of these days I may be unfolding stuff in Pep even :) I should be starting another thread here in the next week or so with my next build :)
  6. leofirebrand

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    I was really unhappy with how the canopy on the Catapult model was frosted over due to the clear coat I used so I decided to redo the glass and update all my photos where the canopy was showing. I am much happier with how it looks now and it has the added benefit of allowing you to see inside the cockpit while the canopy is on. You can see the updated photos on my website.
  7. Famous Dave

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    WOW! Crazy awesome build. Catapult is one of my favorite mechs, too. Your attention to detail is inspiring. Thanks for showing us how its done. On a side note, I visited your site, too. Scratch building genius.

  8. dnalor

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    Yes the clearer glass looks nicer..
    ok i liked that smoked glass also...had something ...maybe a led inside blinking..
    would have looked nice :)

    But with clear glass you see the nice cockpit..also great

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