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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Greg Elems, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. Greg Elems

    Greg Elems Member

    There was a thread about casting some HO flat cars. If I recall correctly, they became a kit. There was some pictures of how the first one was made and how they were going to be cast. For some reason rusty stump comes to mind on this. I've done a search and can't seem to find it. Does anyone remember what I'm talking about?

    Greg Elems
  2. Bill Stone

    Bill Stone Member

    Go to the "Scratchin n Bashin" forum and do a search for resin
    You'll find a few threads on casting.
    Also, I believe it was in the latest Model Railroader which I cannot find at this moment, there was a pretty good article on casting.
  3. Greg Elems

    Greg Elems Member

    Thanks Bill for the tip on the search. I am looking for a specific thread I saw here a while back. The article in RMC is a good one and I will be reading up on what it has to say.
  4. Lighthorseman

    Lighthorseman Active Member


    Greg, I think I know what you're thinking about. It was Rusty Stumps who cast some flatcar frames, I believe, for Casey Feedwater, who had scratchbuilt a master and sent it to Rusty. If I'm not mistaken, the two of them were in cahoots with On30 log disconnects, too.

    Here's the thread for the On30 disconnects...

    I cannot recall where the flatcar thread was, but I'll bet either Casey or Rusty could help.
  5. Greg Elems

    Greg Elems Member

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the jog of the ol'e memory banks. :D I remember the thread, and it was for casting white metal. I also was able to track down the web page and re-save it, with the logging disconnects and flat car frames.

    With the recent resin casting article in RMC, a thread about casting white metal would be interesting.


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