Casey Jones's Engine #382

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    This is a pic of Caseys engine, they fixed it up after Casey lost his life in the famous wreck.

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    The Wreck of Old 97

    One of the most highly publicized train wrecks in US history occured on Sept. 27, 1903 on the Southern Railroad between Lynchburg and Danville, VA. Many people today mistakenly associate this wreck with "Casey" Jones but in fact Mr. Jones was an engineer for the Illinois Central.

    To see pictures and hear the Ballad of Old 97 check out this site.
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    You gotta give "Casey" Jones credit though, he stayed with his engine and was the only one to die.

    It's sad that people mix the wreck and associate it with "Casey" Jones. I hope the engineer on old 97, Joseph A. Broady, didn't die the same way!
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    Hi Penn, Though mortally wounded in the throat "Casey" Jones survived the wreck. He was taken by rescuers to the depot at Vaughn, MS. and was laid on a baggage cart where he died from his injury awaiting further medical treatment and transport. This is according to research by the noted rail historian Bruce Gurner.

    Sadly, the offical Illinois Central investigation placed the entire responsibility for the wreck on him. Apparently just like the 97 wreck there has been a lot of folklore grown up around him also.

    This site has the story and the only known picture of Casey Jones in the cab of an engine.

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