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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by t. alexander, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. t. alexander

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    Hi Casey, first let me say you do very nice work. Heck everybody here does!

    Can you tell me about the engine coming out of the tunnel in your most recent photo posted in the photograghy forum.
    manufacture, wheel arragment, gauge of track it's on and what kind of upgrades you did if any to the mechanism.

    The Reason i ask all this is i have the same engine (in appearence anyway).
    Mine was made by Tyco sometime in the seventies i think.
    It has a 4-8-0 wheel arrangment. Same cab and Same #3 on the smokebox as yours.
    I always thought it was supposed to represent a narrow Gauge engine ? but mine runs on std gauge track.

    I've just never seen another one in picture's before.


  2. sumpter250

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    t. alexander,
    The 4-8-0, is also know as a "Mastadon", and was not too widely used, or at least photographed. The Norfolk & Western was the only road I know of that used mastadons.
  3. t. alexander

    t. alexander Member

    Hey,Thanks Pete

    "Mastadon" thats an interesting name for it.

    The engine i have was saved from the scrapper by me when my father abandoned his layout in the early eighties I've always wondered about it's prototype. like i said before I've never seen a photo of another one, real or model.

    I have added a snowplow and different headlight to mine along with some other details.

    It still is a pretty good running engine even with the open frame motor but was wondering what would be a good upgrade to make it run flawless. :D

  4. Hi, t.

    I can't tell you a lot about the loco right off the top of my head. I'm at my lake home all this week and won't be back to my "layout" home until next Monday.

    I can tell you this much, however: the loco was one of several given to me by a close friend about 20 years ago, when he left the hobby. It and the others sat in a box in my basement until I got them out about 2 years ago. It wouldn't run and had been badly painted. After much cleaning, scraping, soaking, and general fiddling about, I got it to run and in some shape for repainting. I also added a few detail parts during the reassembly.

    I don't recall at this point, but I believe it's either MDC or Mantua. There were several of each in the box my friend gave me years ago. I'll have to check when I get back home next week.
  5. t. alexander

    t. alexander Member

    Thanks Casey,
    I went to your homepage and saw that the engine has the same boiler and all but different wheel arrangment from mine.

    BTW, thats a really nice layout.


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