Carolina Central Unitrack modification?

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by deecat2000, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. deecat2000

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    December's issue of MR has this railway in Unitrack but it contains 8 #6 turnouts which are expensive. I was wondering if anybody has modified this layout with fewer turnouts? Any
  2. MasonJar

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    Not having seen the layout (can you post a pic, or find a link to it?), I would say the general answer is always "yes". There is always a way to modify any layout, but of course it will not be the same when you are done.

    But if you want to modify it - can you eliminate a siding or two? Can industries be grouped to share a single track? Is there more than one run-around track, and if so, can one be removed and still provide decent operations?

    Even if you can't find a link on-line, sketch the rough plan in MS Paint or something simple and post it. We can help...! ;)

  3. deecat2000

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    Unitrack plans "Carolina Central"

    This is the basic plan link and I can see what you are suggesting. See what you think.
  4. deecat2000

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    Had trouble adding link to the Kato page. Plans under Unitrack heading. Rob
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    Here is another try at inserting link. http//:
  6. MasonJar

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    Just type the link starting with the "www" or copy it and paste from the address/url bar in your browser. It should automatically format.

  7. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Ok - can't find it. I see all kinds of numbered plans (Kato News Plan 1 through 10), but nothing called Carolina Central...

  8. deecat2000

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  9. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Got it...

    It is not an overly complicated plan. I think you have a number of options to lower the cost impact:

    1) You could build it in stages, adding turnouts and sidings as you are able. Start with the basic loop and one run around, and then add the sidings as you go. This should be fairly easy with Unitrack, but you will have an "unfinished" layout for some time.

    2) Simplify the plan permanently. Eliminate the "top" run around, and one of the sidings inside the loop on the left. That removes three of 8 turnouts. Funcationality for operations is reduced, but not eliminated.

    3) Choose another plan...!

    4) Use different turnouts and track. This layout would not be hard to replicate with other turnouts and track, such as Atlas (probably the least expensive servicable, decent quality track). Flex track will definitely save you money over sectional Unitrack. You can further reduce the cost by laying the track directly on the subroadbed (plywood, foam, whatever) without the cork or foam roadbed. Whether this is acceptible is up to you - it does alter the appearance significantly.

    Even going to Atlas "snap track" and "snap switches" (basic turnouts) would save money over the Kato Unitrack. Atlas makes a "starter" set that you could add extra track to in order to approximate the Carolina Central.

    Good luck. Hope that helps...!

  10. LoudMusic

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    I would just remove three and replace them with sections of flex track. One piece of flex should be able to cut and fill the gaps left by removing the turnouts.

    That's not a bad layout design - I might use that for my nephew's setup.

  11. deecat2000

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    Actual article is somewhat different, see 12-06 MR

    Actual article is somewhat different, see 12-06 MR. Spur has an addition and a parts list is given.
  12. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery


    Sorry - I assumed this was HO, but I now realise it in Nscale.

    Anyway, that doesn't change anything. The strategies to modify it or use different track are still the same.

    Back up for a minute and ask yourself what you like about the plan. Then think if it might be possible to modify that plan, or come up with another one that has similar features.

    Without more information (and I do not have access to MR Dec 2006) I am afraid I can't help much more... :(

  13. pgandw

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    The Carolina Central is an older Model Railroader plan; it was re-published in the Dec 2006 issue using Kato Unitrack. The original plan, published several years ago, used some form of Atlas track. As Andrew said, Atlas track is probably the cheapest, decent quality track system available. Best bet would be to look up the original plan using the magazine index at .

    my thoughts, your choices
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