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    Well, I built my first two buildings last night from some patterns I found listed in another thread. I built them both HO for my son's layout. But since there are so few free buildings out there, I want to start doing my own. What I need to know is where I can find patters for things such as sidings, shingles, etc that I can print out on my printer on cardstock and then cut to shape for the buildings I design. I'm looking for something that will look decent in both HO and N, and it does not have to be color, I could print on colored paper instead of using up all that colored ink! ;)


    p.s.: Sorry if this appears a little weird, my allergies are acting up and I am having problems thinking tonight!
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    I got this from some forum, don't remember which one or who should credit for finding it, and while it is for dollhouses, with a little scaling of the print you could do pretty well with some things like the Bricks or a sign like this Ice Sign . At least a place to start
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    Clapboard can be made by cutting scale strips from cerial boxes or tag (cardstock) and glue them together. HO scale shingle can be made with pinking sheers. Aluminium foil can be used for lots of things including embrossing over a computer ribbon cable to produce corregated metal. Stripwood and toothpicks can also be used to build buildings and can look quite nice and are cheap. All these items can be painted with acrylic craft paints which are about 44 cents a bottle at WalMart for Applebarrel brand which work just fine. Most 'colored' papers are too brite for my tastes. I enclosed a pic of a small HO shack built from matchsticks, toothpicks, cedar shavings for the roof, and craft paint. Cost about 25 cents and 4 hours at most. DASH

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    Mike, sorry for this late response but I think it will help you.

    Dover Publications Inc; NY produces several booklets of "Cut & Assemble" buildings in colour in HO scale. The auther is Edmund V. Gillon Jr. I got one "A Western Frontier Town" which has most of what you want except bricks and shingles. Also available is "An Early New England Village".
    I got my copy (@ $6.95 US) from a doll house retailer my wife dragged me into. There are ten buildings in my book and I had your idea to scan them and reduce them to N scale but haven't done that yet.

    As you can imagine there are varius doors and windows which can be individually scanned and printed. The buildings look good in HO but would look better in N as the 'flatness' of the siding/roofing etc would be less noticeable.

    I think I also saw these publications in Caboose Hobbies in Denver but I had little interest in them as I was in their wonderland of products which I cannot easily obtain here in UK. You might also find these books in craft stores like Tall Mouse or Michaels.

    Thanks for your thread as it remind me that I have this 'to do'.

    If you give me your e-mail address I'll mail you a pic of the front cover showing all the buildings in my book. (I don't want to get into copyright infringment by posting a pic in here).

    Hope this helps.

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    If you have a digital camera (or for that matter you could use a film camera and have the images digitized) why not try photographing some shingles, or bricks --- or doors and windows --- or even whole sides of buildings.

    Edit the images, and print them on plain paper.

    Doing it yourself would give you a sort of ultimate control over the results.

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    The books are often available in the gift shops of museums -- particularly museums that have buildings in their collections.
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    Good luck with the venture Michael, that sounds like a great idea!
    Dash, neat little shack!

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