Canyon Mtn. N-gineers Modular Layout

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  1. upguy

    upguy Oregon Western Lines, CEO

    The Canyon Mountain N-gineers set up their N-scale modular layout at the Great Eastern Oregon Train Festival held recently in John Day, Oregon. It was the first thing we set up and the last thing that we took down! After everything else was done we had a few hours of operating before tearing it down and putting it back in storage. :(

    Here are a few long shots of the layout:

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  2. Bill Pontin

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    Upguy, fantastic looking modules. Kind of like the uniformity of the skyboards which are absent in most clubs modules. Are the modules constructed by one member or was it a club endeavor with a standard? Cannot tell in your pictures, (which are great by the way), if you have only two lines or the three to NTrak standards. Definitly going to show your pictures at our next club meeting.

    Bill Pontin Member of the Connecticut ValleyNTrak
  3. upguy

    upguy Oregon Western Lines, CEO


    I guess you could say the modules were built to a standard that was patterned after N-trak...with modifications. Our operations are entirely DCC, so much of the wiring required by N-trak is redundant. Our "standard" module is built with two tracks although some of the modules have three tracks and could be made compatible with N-trak with minor changes. We used European terminal strips on the end of each module, and just used a section of wire to connect modules if connectivity was a problem. Most of time the railjoiners provided an adequate connection.

    A few of the modules have Cinch plugs like N-trak, so I took some lamp cord and made some "jumper" cables with it. I striped the wire on one end of the cable and connected it to the Europeon terminal strip; on the other end I attached the required Cinch plug depending on the adjoining N-trak module's requirements. I hope that makes sense. If I think about and have the time, maybe I could take pictures if it is unclear.

    Here is a link to some pictures that shows the track configuration of the modules:

    Four of the modules used in the show belonged to me, but all the modules were worked on by club members with most of the work being done at one location, so there is some similiarity. We wanted to have things look like they fit together, and the layout was built with the 12 module core designed with that in mind. At the last minute (actually with three weeks to go to the show) I decided to expand the layout with the peninsula extension off of the one side. A yard off of another corner module was also discussed, but didn't get done due to the time factor.

    The yard extension would be attached to the corner module where the ADM grain elevator is located in the second picture. The elevator spur would become the track to the yard.

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  4. Bill Pontin

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    Thanks upguy. Followed your URLs and loved the tour, great club, wished I was a little closer for an onsite visit. Our club has several "T" modules which we very rarely get to use due to space limitations at the shows we participate in. Liked the idea you have with the "T" off and return loop, maybe someday we will be given an area at a show to do something like that.
  5. upguy

    upguy Oregon Western Lines, CEO

    The Canyon Mtn N-gineers just finished their final open house as a club at the Train Barn in Canyon City, Oregon. Sadly, there were not enough individuals to continue the club in such a rural location. Details have yet to be worked out, but I plan to continue with the majority of modules as a personal layout which will be open to the public from time to time for a small admission charge.

    This first picture is the same corner module as the previous picture, but the industry has been changed. It is now a recycling plant for hazardous waste.

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  6. upguy

    upguy Oregon Western Lines, CEO

    Here is another pix showing some of the workers (Woodland Scenics beekeepers).

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  7. upguy

    upguy Oregon Western Lines, CEO

    Here are pictures from the four corners of the layout as it existed for the show.

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  8. chooch.42

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    :eek: WOW !!! Sorry to see the club evaporate !!! Spotted the CME in the thread and remembered those of the past...If I can ever get at them in my old computer, still have the track plans from the old permanent layout (that I so admired)- guess it is toast, also ? Hope your still working on the OWL ! (admired that one, too!). Hope everything starts looking up for "09. All the Best ! Bob C.
  9. TrainGuyRom

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    If lack of club members is a problem you could start over and do T-Trak Will give you more info.

    T-Trak is like N-Trak, but with a few modifications: T-trak uses two track main lines, The moduals are about One foot by one foot, They are set up on a table, and finnally they only take about an hour to fill a space like what N-Trak uses Give an unofficial guide to T-Trak

    I think you could make slightly larger moduals than standard, still keeping the possibility of connecting with other T-Trak groups.

    If you find more sites, please send them to my T-Trak thread in the Modular forum (under model railroading)

    This is just an idea to think about. Maybe you see N-Trak as better for you. Different modelers have different thought of what a layout should be. it's up to you. TGR
  10. upguy

    upguy Oregon Western Lines, CEO

  11. upguy

    upguy Oregon Western Lines, CEO

    Since the last post here, there have been some major developments. I have acquired all of the modules that were formerly part of the Canyon Mountain N-gineers modular layout and incorporated them into the Oregon Western Lines of which I am now 100% owner. Many of the modules have had improvements made to the scenery: backgrounds painted, details added, or themes changed to fit in with the new vision for the railroad.

    The Train Barn in Canyon City, Oregon, is now the home of the Oregon Western Lines. If you are interested in visiting you may want to check out my Facebook page in my signature for information on availability. There are also photo albums that explain how I did some of the module improvements and even information about the Train Barn's club layout.

    I have switched completely from HO to N scale. I liquidated 12 HO modules and converted the six HO modules that I kept to N scale. I have these two modules converted to N scale, but at this time there is no place for them in the existing layout. Perhaps I'll get another traveling group together someday....

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