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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by who_dat73, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. who_dat73

    who_dat73 Member

    Hey I am in need of help from the photographers on here I bought a rebel xt on Ebay with the tax money and would like to get a external flash for my cam for when I go to swap meets and whatnot as I might be taking over as the web host for the region. As I am still in the beginng stages I am not sure what flash to look for.
    I see the canon speed lights go for a arm and leg on Ebay and after spending the amount of money I did on the cam the wife would blow a gasket if I spend to much on a flash, any ideas as to somplace I can get a after market flash for not alot of cash ??
    Thanks for any advice and wish me luck with this whole venture I will need it.
  2. Jim Krause

    Jim Krause Active Member

    May I suggest some online research of various flash units. I'm just getting involved with digital camera's myself so I have no first person expertise to offer.
  3. who_dat73

    who_dat73 Member

    See thats where I am getting stuck I am looking and not finding what I am in need of I might be looking for the wrong thing all I come up with is pay this money and take a class!!
    I do hope to take a photography class in the near future but as of right now they dont have that in the community ed..
    I am finding that it seems like there are a few that will fit with more then one brand but I am in need of specs that I ant finding..
    Maby we can tackle this together with the rest of the photogs in here and get somthing worked out along the way!!!
  4. Squidbait

    Squidbait Recovering ALCO-holic

    Whatever you get, go the extra bucks and get a TTL unit. TTL flash is the greatest invention since sliced cheeze.

    If you don't, you'll have to do a lot of fiddling with the flash and camera to get anything better than point-and-shoot flash results.

    This Sunpak would be a good budget choice. The Canon flashes are also very good, but more expensive. Metz also makes a very good TTL flash, but it's $$$.
  5. who_dat73

    who_dat73 Member

    Thanks for the reply Squid that link is kinda what I am looking for but still high in price..
    But it dosnt have to be made by Canon to work with a canon?
    I got burned on ebay a while back with my 35 mm canon rebel getting a flash for it the guy swore it would work with my cam after I got it all I got was a slight blip where the flash should have been??? Not sure where that was mixed up but he dropped out right after selling it to me so I had no recourse.
    Also what am I looking for to find links like this more in my price range?
  6. msowsun

    msowsun Member

    Here is one for you.....

    Opteka eTTL AF Flash for Canon EOS / EF Film SLR's NEW! - ( item 270212870804 end time 22-Feb-08 20:21:11 EST)


    TTL Flash for Canon EOS 300D 350D Digital Rebel XT - ( item 290207837730 end time 25-Feb-08 21:06:48 EST) (The guide number information is a little misleading in the ad. It is actually 28 meters at ISO 100 which equals 92 feet at ISO 100)

    Your Built in flash has a Guide Number of 13 (meters at ISO 100). Some of the low cost flashes are not much more than that.

    You could also try shooting at a higher ISO like 800 or even 1600. This will allow you to take advantage of the natural light available and also greatly increase the range of your built in flash.
  7. who_dat73

    who_dat73 Member

    Well I went with link number two number number one was the same flash I bought for the 35 MM from a diff dealer that just went blip so we will see what happens...

    On another note I joined this group on yahoo Digital-Rebels : Digital Rebels
    Dont bother I gave a introduction to them telling them who I was and that I am new to photography yada yada. Just kinda a hi this is me type thing that was over a week ago they never evin bothered with me didnt put my post up say hello, kiss my tush nuttin!!! Guess I am not in the leage they are looking for but ohh well should have come to my friends first:thumb:
    You know I just relized how much this place is like the theme from the show Cheers
    Ok I'll stop rambling its been a bad day till now I am home to rest and relax
  8. Jim Krause

    Jim Krause Active Member

    Sorry to hear that you had a bad response/ no response from the yahoo group. I hope you don't get that impression about The Gauge. One thing that I'm learning about digital photography is that most of the basics apply to both film cameras and digital.
  9. who_dat73

    who_dat73 Member

    No I have never felt that way about the Gauge.
    Thats where the Cheers theme came to mind I feal like I can always come here and talk to the group and find a anwser to any question or problem no matter if its related to model RR or not somone will help you out.
    I have come to the understanding that we may have never met each other in person but everyone here is willing to listen and lend a hand no matter what the problem!!!!!!
  10. who_dat73

    who_dat73 Member

    Got my flash today and couldn't be happier the Phoenix ZBIS-92..
    Came with easy to understand inst. and works like a charm and for the price I couldnt ask for more thanks again for the link to that msowsun, and Jim K if you are looking for a good starter flash for not alot of money check into these for the begginer they are easy to work with if you use the manual for the cam and the instructions for the flash you cant go wrong!!!!!:thumb:
  11. MCL_RDG

    MCL_RDG Member

    Gee and I thought it was all done with smoke and mirrors.
  12. Jim Krause

    Jim Krause Active Member

    who dat: Thanks for the info. I'm glad that you got a working flash unit.
    As I mentioned, I have lots of film camera equipment but none of my strobes will adapt to the new digital wonder.

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