Canon Luck Cat (with stuffing ;-) )

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    Hello, fans! :)

    Today I'm showing you the Lucky Cat from Canon papercraft - with a special twist.

    A dear colleague of mine is leaving our company and I have decided to make one of these cute lucky items as a Goodbye present. And as such it is a special "tuned up" version because it is filled with candy. ;)

    As all Canon papercrafts this model is simply awesome. The parts are big enough to be assembled even by larger hands (the only tricky step is assembling the raised paw) and the instructions are easy-to-follow. I completed step 22 of the build and then added a lid to the opening in the bottom which prevents the candy from "escaping". :p


    Several pieces are laminated to cardboard.


    This piece is used to reinforce the bottom:


    The lid consists of these parts:


    The assembled lid:


    The flap is glued to the inside of the model.


    Then the reinforcement part is attached.


    The rim is carved with an exacto knife to make it fit properly.


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  2. Revell-Fan

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    Now the build is continued and the single parts of the body are assembled according to the original instructions.






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    And now the cat is "stuffed", erh, "fed" ;) !



    The candy is put inside, the lid is closed and carefully taped to the bottom and the cutting edges of the eyes are painted black. Finally the stuffed lucky cat is wrapped up and ready to make my colleague happy! :)




    You may get the cat here:

    Thanks for watching and have fun and enjoy! :)

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    That is a REALLY COOL GIFT IDEA!!!
    You did a GREAT JOB on this project!!!
    I hope that your colleague will like it!!!
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    Yeah, I really like this one, too... I immediately told my significant other all about it. I had been floating an idea quite like this to her just a while back, in a spirit of general enthusiasm for card modeling. I like finding a way to use our hobby to make a clever gift that is kind of an exclusive--- you know no one else will give them anything similar, and like as not, the recipient will have never seen or heard of such a thing.

    One variation on this theme that occurred to me is to make the modification that the head comes off, so one can use it like a candy dish, without picking it up--- and whether empty or full, the sculpture of it will look the same.

    Revell, buddy, you are all over this forum! I can't keep up with you... hahaha. I feel like I don't even have to seek out places to go and things to look at--- I can get by (and see everything) just by chasing your posts and presence around!
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    Thank you all very, very much! :)

    I was thinking of making the head removable but I feared that my colleague wouldn't be able to put it in place again without damaging something (she's not so much into modelbuilding ;) ). In addition, I had to close the hole in the bottom, so I added the lid. I'll make some instructions and upload the additional parts to the resource section soon. :)

    And - happy chasing! ;)
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    very cool idea

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