Can this prototype yard be modeled?

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Rusted, Jan 31, 2003.

  1. Rusted

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    Credit for this photo goes to AA Krug - I saw it on his website.

    I'm planning a yard for my HO layout and want a truly functional yard.

    I could fit a lot more yard in my space using curve radii like these.

    Would it be possible? Would operations be reliable?

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  2. Rusted

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  3. davidstrains

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    Take a look at Ray Mativier's layout in the N/Z forum.

    His yard looks like what is pictured here. He appears to have done what you want to do only his is in N vs. HO.:) :)
  4. 60103

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    Curve radii

    I've noticed that curves appear much sharper when viewed from the outside and broader when viewed from the inside. There's a yard (GO transit Bathurst Street) where the switches at one end look like Lionel S-curves when looked at dead on.
    One of my friends worked for Algoma Central for a while and says he got strange looks for protesting some of the S-curves they were planning to put in one yard; says his boss recognised him as a model railroader.
  5. jon-monon

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    If you know the location, you might find a nice aerial view
  6. sumpter250

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    Jon's right, an aerial view is the only way to determine the true radii of the curves, and all the other dimensions you'd need to build the yard.
  7. Rusted

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    Hey, neat site with the ariel views - but when zooming in that far, the detail is lost. Thanks though.

    Also, Ray's layout is outrageous. Good for him, hard work does pay off!

    Anyone else have a great HO yard layout with pictures?
  8. Woodie

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    The only concern I would have with curved entrances/exits from yards/staging area like the pic, is the placement of auto uncouplers.

    The Kadee auto/magnetic upcoupler relies on the coupler being centred over the track. Longer carraiges with body mounted Kaddees, when parked on a curve, do not have the coupler centred over the track, and will not "auto uncouple". Also the coupler (magnetic strip) does not lend itself to being placed on a curve. (It physically wont fit between the rails).

    That's just a thought if you wanna "automate" your yards. You could, of course, place thee coupler 2 - 3 " along the straight part of the yard, but you loose the length of "curve" as yard capacity for a lengthy train.
  9. Rusted

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    Good point on the Kadee uncouplers. My son and I switch on our small yard now we have trouble with consistent uncoupling as it is!

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