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  1. iis612

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    Has anyone used it?
    Anyone have a review, including pros/cons. Upsides, downfalls?
    Xtrk will not run on my PC for whatever reason, so I am searching for an alternative.
    RTS is too limited in that it only supports atlas products.

    Anyone have any suggestions for other planning software?
  2. PWRR-2207

    PWRR-2207 Rogue Islander

    3rd PlanIt by El Dorado Software

    3rd PlanIt by El Dorado Software is another option.

    I started with CADRail but found myself using AutoCAD when I got frustrated with the limited libraries and spline implementation in CADRail. Here are some screen shots of one of the provided examples:

    CADRail tool bars and a few objects -
    CADRail Example copy.jpg

    CADRail 3D view of same objects -
    CADRail 3D Example copy.jpg

    After using calipers and a micrometer to build in a Shinohara turnout into the library, I saw 3rd PlanIt. My measurements matched 3rd PlanIt's and 3rd PlanIt had all the parts I needed in the libraries. If you go with 3rd PlanIt, get at least version 7 as the earlier versions gave me problems with flex-track. Here are some screen shots of a planned piece of my layout and the in-progress construction:

    3rd PlanIt Tool bars and objects -
    3rd PlanIt Example copy.jpg

    3rd PlanIt 3D view -
    3rd PlanIt 3D Example copy.jpg

    Actual layout with Walther's Freight Depot -
    Frieght Consolidation Bldg Under Construction.jpg
  3. TrainNut

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    You had me real interested in that 3rd PlanIt until on the order form, I got to the price part. Yikes! I guess for me, I'll stick to AutoCAD and planIt the hard way.
  4. rogerw

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    Matt sorry ,I thought xtrk was working on your computer.
    I cant see spending a lot of money on software. I used xtrk to get my basic track plan. From there I will tweak things as I go along.
  5. PWRR-2207

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    Yes, all the non-free software has advanced up the price scale. :eek: I bought them because I knew it would be at least 6-8 years before I could actually build anything, so I am thinking I got my money's worth over the years trying out different ideas :mrgreen:

    Plus, the earlier versions of AutoCAD were not as friendly to drag and drop or auto-connecting as CADRail, RTS or 3rd PlanIt. Since you have AutoCAD available, probably not worth the expense, especially if you are comfortable with it and have built up libraries.

    iis612 - I forgot to say earlier: If you do go for 3rd PlanIt, get version 8 with the patches as the printing works better at 1:1 scale if you want to printout templates without deforesting woodland areas as you can specify what pages to print and skip.:v8:

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