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    I was getting some dinner while at work and I finally grabbed a shot I have been looking for!!!! There is a Conrail caboose that CSX uses to switch some boxcars up by my work and I only see it when I am in my work truck and can’t get a pic. Otherwise I never see the train with the caboose. When the switch other buildings and companies they drop the caboose back on a siding and don’t use it. The leave it there all night as well, so they don’t have it when they come and go. Here are satellite and aerial pics of the caboose while waiting to be used.

    I haven’t really figured out why they use the caboose. They switch MANY other buildings near here and don’t use it and they cross MANY crossings but they only use it on this specific job. The only reason I can see is that it is the farthest, giving the crew a place to stay. However, usually the crew stays in second engine. Its not a long consist when they use the caboose. 3 boxcars and the caboose and two engines……

    Oh well here’s the pics.

    Here is what they were dropping off at there location

    Another cool thing is I've caught CSX 2551 before on the opposite side of town running solo...

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    They would use a shoving platform on job they have to traverse a number of grade crossings to give the crew member protecting the shove a safer footing.

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