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  1. Hello, Crew!

    One of my rituals is to sit in my car in the Home Depot parking lot on a Saturday morning, smoke a cigar, drink a BEEEEEG coffee, listen to the radio, and thumb through a RR photo book. As Chris (Interurban) would also point out, electric railroads had interesting cabooses. Many times, the old wooden cabooses were held onto and rebuilt. This rebuilding would often result in the elimination of the cupola because the increased height of the newer steel boxcars. Because the rolling stock was higher than the cupola, it made the cupola useless. This is also the reason for the development of the baywindow caboose. I decided to make my La Belle Soo Line side door cabooses without cupolas and will add working markers, passenger trucks, full underbody brake rigging, better steps, and redesigned end platforms. My Ambroid outside braced caboose kits will be built with bay windows instead of cupolas, too. I'll get photos up when I have something worth showing! ;)

  2. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Will look forward to seeing your progress Russ
  3. Fred_M

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    Of all the places to hang out why the Home Depot parking lot? FRED
  4. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    You have got to tell me the rail road books you where reading Russ??
  5. Hey, Fred! :wave:

    Well, pal, it's like this, see. I have a bunch of projects of all kinds going on in this ol' house and right now I'm building my model railroad room. I usually need to get some kind of stuff from Home Depot every Saturday morning just before working on the project at hand, so I use the time to have a moring cigar, another big cup o' joe, and spend time getting modeling ideas. Sort of my last minute goof off before having to get to work. :D :D

  6. I have two that I'm checking out right now. One is the CERA book 'Not Only Passengers' and Wm. Middleton's 'Traction Classics/Interurban Freight'. Great books for reference. The cigar was a second quality off-brand, but still a good smoke. My real favorites are Fuente Churchills or Hoyo De Montery Excalibers. ;)
    Chris...I've had to stop looking at the pics of your traction operation. They're so good they make me weep! :thumb: :thumb:

    Russ :sleeping: :sleeping:
  7. interurban

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    I have the Traction Classics. Great book. I have not seen the other one :(

    Russ, Dont weep near your PC!!!!!.
    Glad you like my small attemps at Traction:)
  8. Chris..

    Traction Classics is a 3 volume set...this is volume 3. I pick up most of my books on eBay and have a pretty good sized RR library with a growing traction section. Wm. Middleton also wrote books on the history of Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal in NYC. He was really a great RR writer and expert in his field. The other 3 volume set of his that I have are 'The Time of the Trolley', 'The Interurban Era', and 'When the Steam Railroads Electrified'. Plenty of info and plenty of great photos!

    Russ :wave: :wave: :wave:
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    You have some fine books Russ!!!.
    I have the Traction Classics Vol 111.:D
    Just for fun list the books and Videos you have managed to find.
    I`ll do the same.:D :thumb: :cool:
  10. Hey, Chris! :wave:
    Well, let's see. I have a whole bunch of Beebe & Clegg books, my favorites being 'Mixed Train Daily' and 'Twentieth Century'. I have almost all of the series 'Narrow Gauge Pictorial', a couple on the East Broad Top narrow gauge RR, Hilton's 'American Narrow Gauge Railroads', White's 2 volume set on passenger cars, Erie Memories, Erie Power, The Erie Railroad Story, The Lackawanna Story, Morning Sun books on both the Erie and the Lackawanna, railroad marine operations in NYC harbor, Hilton's book and American interurbans, six books on traction, one on Penn Station, and one on Grand Central by Middleton, three books on railroads by Don Ball, a couple of books on the D&H, a whole stack of softcover Carstens books on the L&HR, LNE, NYS&W, etc., all kinds of general railroading books including a couple on station and terminal architecture, etc. etc. etc. :) I'm not much of a video collector...I have one on clearing the snow along the Cumbres & Toltec and Durango & Silverton narrow gauge using a rotary plow, a tape of the NYO&W, and one of the Erie. My collection takes up three shelves with spillover onto the floor. When I get my train room/office up & operating, I'll have enough space designed in to accomodate all of my books. Whatch got, Chris?

    Russ :D
  11. interurban

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    Here goes.

    Hi Russ after talking about books and video`s I had to go find Them and list them,,It needed doing ayway!!!

    List of Video`s relating to



    British Columbia Railways.

    The Great Canadian Train ride.

    Flying Scotsman.

    British Train Wreaks.


    Southern Ontario Interurbans.

    (L&PS. GR. LE&N)

    Melbourne by Tram.

    (Pichi Richi Railways.

    Bendigo Tram Centenary).


    The Northshore Line.

    Vintage Footage.

    This was Pacific Electric.

    The Milwaukee Road Vol,1.

    Interurbans Trolley of Baltimore

    (Red Rockets and green Gliders.)

    California Electric Trilogy.

    (Key system. Sacramento Northern.

    Pacific Electric)

    Kansas City Southern.

    Trolley Treasure.

    (Trollyville USA)

    Illinois Terminal Traction Co.

    Sacramento Northern R/W.

    List of books.


    Remembering the Oshawa Railway.

    London & Port Stanley vol 1,2,3.

    Ride through the Canadian Garden.

    ( Hamilton Grimsby Beamsville

    Electric railway Co.)

    Riding the Radials

    (Ontario History)

    The Intercity Electric Railway

    Industry of Canada.

    Flying Scotsman.


    The Electric Interurbans in America

    By Hilton $ Due.

    Illlinoise Terminal vol 1.

    USA cont.

    Sacramento Northern.

    By Swett.

    California`s Electric Railway.

    By Demoro.

    Traction Classics. Vol 3.

    Texas Electric Album.

    Rod Varny.

    Iowa Trolleys.

    30 years Later.

    The Shore line.

    Encyclopedia of Railways.

    Signature in Steel.

    Not to mention a whole stack of old mags!!
    I have a few more???? somewhere
    :confused: :thumb:

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